Big Brother 22 spoilers: Who did new HOH nominate for eviction?

Tyler In BB22 LR
Tyler Crispen is in a really good position within the BB22 cast this summer. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 spoilers from Friday now include the HOH nominations.

It was a pretty busy day for the BB22 cast, despite not much really happening in the house.

The Safety Competition is done and the Safety Suite was not opened up today, but there were a lot of discussions about hinky votes due to what happened at the Eviction Ceremony.

For anyone that doesn’t remember, Daniele Donato and Enzo Palumbo voted to evict Kaysar Ridha. It made them the only ones to not vote out Janelle Pierzina, but it was all planned.

And then someone figured out that Dani did it, but she still lied and said that she thought it was two other people.

Outside of all that, Enzo is the new Head of Household and he had to nominate two people for eviction.

Who did Enzo nominate for eviction?

Enzo made what many fans of the show are going to consider boring nominations. These latest Big Brother 22 spoilers were almost entirely predictable from the moment Enzo won HOH, no matter how much he boasted about being ready to make a big move.

Enzo nominated Kaysar and Kevin Campbell for eviction. Kaysar is Enzo’s primary target this week, which should be easy to accomplish unless Kaysar finds a way to win the Power of Veto.

If Kaysar finds a way to save himself from the block, Enzo is courting thoughts about trying to backdoor someone. Kevin is pretty much a pawn this week and nobody in power is that worried about getting him out of the BB22 house yet.

Time to shake things up on Big Brother All-Stars?

An interesting post was also made to Twitter by Christmas Abbott today. It gives a strong indication that a twist is coming to the game. Hopefully, that happens soon, because the indication from some fans on social media is that the season is getting too predictable and boring.

If something does take place within the house in regard to a twist or special power, that might lead to some very intriguing Big Brother 22 spoilers before the weekend begins.

Outside of that, we can look forward to the Week 4 Veto Competition getting played on Saturday and Kaysar definitely knows his game is on the line. If he wins the POV, things could get really exciting on the live feeds, especially if everyone starts campaigning to not go up on the block as a replacement nominee.

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