Big Brother 22 cast members continue making fun of Ian Terry and his autism

Ian, Kevin, and Da'Vonne On BB22
Ian Terry is having a tough time as a member of the Big Brother 22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

What happens on Big Brother 22 when a restaurant owner walks into a room with two mothers and a nurse while making fun of a guy with autism? Constant laughter.

That was the case on Wednesday night, as members of the BB22 cast continued to make fun of Ian and/or lie about his anxiety dealing with them this summer.

The situation in the house nearly led to Ian self-evicting from the game, and he probably would if he learned what some of these people are doing behind his back.

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Earlier in the season, Ian let some of the people he was closest to in the house know that he is autistic. He also explained how the hammock in the backyard helps him a lot, as he can rock on it and self-soothe.

Some people have been extremely understanding, especially Kaysar Ridha, who talked at length with him about it.

Other members of the Big Brother 22 cast poke fun at him and accuse him of faking symptoms in order to get attention.

And then there is Nicole Franzel. To Ian’s face, she is very supportive and nurturing, but when he isn’t in the room, Nicole takes part in the jokes and laughs at Ian.

Another laugh session at Ian’s expense

The video below comes from Wednesday night, where Memphis Garrett walked into a room where Daniele Donato, Nicole Franzel, and Christmas Abbott were all hanging out.

It started with jokes from Memphis, Memphis mocking Ian, and then the three ladies laughing at Ian’s expense. It ended with Christmas making another comment about Ian playing up the storyline.

And here is a new clip of Dani complaining again about Ian self-soothing with Nicole agreeing to her statements. As Dani mentions, this isn’t even close to the first time that the alliance in charge of the house has been making negative comments about Ian.

And here is a clip of Enzo Palumbo joining in with Dani and Memphis in yet another conversation about Ian.

Some fans are not happy with BB22 cast right now

Below are some of the responses that fans have posted on social media in response to what is taking place in the house about Ian.

Below is a picture from Big Brother 14 (that Ian Terry won) which one fan feels encapsulates exactly what is going on this summer in the house.

Ian On Big Brother 14
Ian Terry from Big Brother 14. Pic credit: @rinsaysthings/Twitter

It appears that Daniele Donato is still sticking with her claim that Ian is faking his autism this season. That’s a sad aspect of the season that likely won’t be referenced during an episode on CBS because it would definitely make the show look bad.

But this season is turning into a rough one overall, and Dani isn’t the only person to blame.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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3 years ago

I can not understand the way they are talking about Ian!!! What is wrong with these people?. They are grown people that are suppose to know better. I am ashamed of them all. Since they all can’t be evicted, I think they should all have a punishment and a VERY GOOD TALKING TO!! This is unacceptable. I have watch BB since the first show. I have not missed a season but if the powers that be just let it slide then they are no better than the people that are talking like they were born in a tree.