Big Brother 22 canceled? Rumors are starting to pop up online

Julie Chen Evict
Julie Chen Moonves hosting Big Brother 21 Eviction Ceremony with Holly Allen and Cliff Hogg. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother 22 canceled rumors seem to be all over the place now.

For fans who take part in Facebook groups about the show, it has also become very familiar to see comments from other viewers stating the show won’t happen.

If things were on schedule at CBS, the BB22 cast would be revealed in the middle of June and the season premiere would take place closer to the end of that same month.

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In recent seasons, the Big Brother casts played the game for roughly 100 days, through the months of July, August, and September. As it stands, that still might be possible to pull off.

Has Big Brother 22 been canceled by CBS?

There has been no official announcement that CBS is canceling Big Brother 22 this summer.

Despite numerous rumors about it happening, there is no concrete evidence that a decision has been made yet.

Some of the rumors have stemmed from casting calls getting canceled.

This meant that the casting director and show producers couldn’t meet with many people who were hoping to become houseguests this summer.

It also didn’t help that Big Brother Canada got canceled.

Is there still time to form BB22 cast?

The show still has a lot of applications to work with and it’s certainly possible that they already have a long enough list to put together the BB22 cast this summer.

If not, they could even just do a season of returners.

Having another Big Brother: All-Stars season might not be what every fan would want to see from the BB22 cast, but it is certainly better than the house remaining dark for the entire summer.

As far as reality competition shows go, the lead time in order to make Big Brother work is much shorter than a typical one. For instance, a season of Survivor is filmed far in advance and on an island.

That takes a lot of prep, a lot of filming, and a lot of editing before an episode even arrives on CBS.

Other shows, like Dancing With the Stars, require practice and time for the competitors to get in shape. Plus, ABC needs a lot of lead time to promote the celebrities that will be taking to the dance floor.

When it comes to Big Brother, all the producers need is a group of people who don’t mind getting cut off from the rest of the world for a while.

And, according to former houseguest Mark Jansen, people are already getting that practice.

Big Brother 22 is scheduled to air on CBS in summer 2020.

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