Big Brother 22 alternate timeline: If Nicole had blindsided Cody

Nicole BB22 Hamster Wheel
Nicole Franzel had a better chance to win Big Brother 22 without Cody Calafiore. Pic credit: CBS

During Week 10 of Big Brother 22, Nicole Franzel won Head of Household and then won the Power of Veto as well. She had several important choices about how the final five could be crafted.

Recently, Nicole spoke on her podcast about how she would blindside Cody Calafiore that week if she could do it all over again. Instead, it was Memphis Garrett who got sent to the BB22 jury.

We all know what happened after that, as Christmas Abbott was sent to the jury next and then Cody cut Nicole after he won the final Head of Household Competition.

Nicole feels that if she had blindsided Cody in Week 10, that everything would have turned out differently. Let’s take a look at that theory and how the game could have played out.

The Big Brother 22 final five

Nicole, Cody, Memphis, Christmas, and Enzo Palumbo were the final five in Week 10. Nicole won the Head of Household Competition and nominated Memphis and Christmas for eviction. Nicole then won the Power of Veto as well.

In the real timeline, Nicole decided not to use the Power of Veto. But what if she had? She could have chosen to save Christmas or Memphis and put Cody on the block.

In the timeline that Nicole would like to reside in, let’s assume that Nicole offered safety to Christmas in exchange for safety the following week. Nicole could have then placed Cody on the block next to Memphis.

Enzo would have voted to save Cody, but Christmas voting to save Memphis would have created a tie. Nicole could then have voted out Cody. At that point, the final four houseguests would have been Nicole, Memphis, Christmas, and Enzo.

With what we know now about the Memphis and Christmas relationship, it’s safe to assume they would have protected each other.


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A new Big Brother 22 final four

With a trio of Memphis, Christmas, and Enzo playing in the chess challenge, it seems very likely that Memphis and Christmas could have teamed up to eliminate Enzo.

This is still not a good scenario for Nicole, because Memphis, Christmas, and Enzo were already aligned. Enzo had previously noted that he would like to get Nicole out of the game, but Cody saved her on more than one occasion.

The Week 11 Veto Competition was the hamster wheel, where Cody dominated, but Nicole wasn’t too far behind. Enzo was out quickly and Christmas wasn’t far behind. It’s not a stretch to assume Nicole could have beaten Enzo, Memphis, and Christmas.

In this alternate timeline, we have Memphis or Christmas as HOH, Enzo nominated with Memphis or Christmas, and Nicole as the only one with a vote. Let’s say that Nicole cut ties with Enzo at this point.

The final three could have then been Nicole, Memphis, and Christmas. Nicole won the first part of the final HOH Competition quite convincingly and she could have done it again. During the question-and-answer phase, it would likely be Nicole winning, as she came up one question short of beating Cody.

Nicole could have selected the person sitting next to her in the final two and she may have gone with Christmas to honor the deal they made during the final five vote.


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Who would have won Big Brother 22?

In this alternate timeline, Nicole would have been one of the candidates sitting in front of the BB22 jury. It certainly indicates that had she cut Cody earlier in the season, that she stood a really good chance at making it to the final two. Whether or not she won would be a different question, but it’s possible.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.