Big Brother 2021: CBS should air a three-hour season finale

Big Brother 22 Jury
The Big Brother jury never gets enough time to really speak during season finales. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2021 is only a few months from taking place. There are early hints that the casting is different, a belief that new people will be playing BB23, and the hope from fans that some fresh ideas will be presented during the reality competition show.

One of the fresh ideas that could work with Big Brother 2021 is for CBS and the producers of the show to air a three-hour season finale. It’s something that has worked well for other reality shows like Survivor and The Bachelor, and it is something that we feel could serve as a huge treat for Big Brother fans.

The idea of a three-hour finale could be pretty easy to translate to the Big Brother 23 cast, which would provide host Julie Chen Moonves, the new Big Brother houseguests, and the people behind the scenes a lot of time to present everything.

It might be a little different than how things have been done in the past, but it’s certainly something that CBS could promote and get fans to tune in for if it is done right. And there are a lot of ways that it could become the best season finale that the show has ever seen.

Why would a three-hour Big Brother 2021 finale be a good thing?

Each season, the final episode of Big Brother is slated to last 90 or 120 minutes. During that time, Julie walks fans through what has taken place, and then there are a number of events that have to take place before the night comes to an end. Most of the time, that final episode feels extremely rushed, with some components getting glossed over due to a lack of time.

If the show had a lot of time to work with, Julie wouldn’t have to rush the BB23 cast through anything. The jurors could ask thoughtful questions and get answers that aren’t cut off to save time, Julie could have time to interview the new Big Brother winner, and the people who were sent home before the BB23 jury started forming could actually have a real chance to speak again.

One component that is always interesting to watch is the jury roundtable, where the members of the Big Brother jury discuss who should win that season. That always feels rushed as well, but with a three-hour finale, the jury could be given some real screen time. Along with that, they could have more time on stage with Julie to speak about how the season has progressed.

Sure, three hours of television is a lot to watch in one sitting, but it has worked well for so many other reality-oriented shows that Big Brother fans deserve a shot at it too. This is the perfect season to try it.

Outlook on Big Brother 23 cast

Recently, the new Big Brother casting director was looking for more people to apply to be on the show. That seems like a good thing because it could mean that the people behind the scenes want some fresh faces and a very interesting BB23 cast for fans to root for this summer.

CBS also announced that casts of Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race are going to be at least 50 percent people of color now. The push to have a more diverse cast should become evident beginning with Big Brother 2021 and Survivor 41.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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2 years ago

Just dont rush the ending after the winner is named! The finale could be a half hour. That’s not the point….just DONT ANNOUNCE THE WINNER AND THEN END IT 40 seconds later.