Below Deck’s Rachel Hargrove received death threats after Tyra Banks tweet

Chef Rachel from Below Deck got nasty DM's after Tyra Banks shade.
Chef Rachel is sounding off on all the Tyra drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck’s chef Rachel Hargrove revealed she received death threats after her Tyra Banks tweet that earned her a lot of backlash.

Rachel is never one to shy away from expressing her true feelings. Below Deck fans know the Season 8 and 9 chef is brutally honest.

Whether reacting to a guest preference sheet or dissing another crew member, Rachel speaks her truth. She tends to use witty one-liners too, which can be pretty entertaining.

Last week, Rachel used Twitter to share a photo of Tyra to recall the time the chef was called plus size on America’s Next Top Model.

Rachel auditioned for the one-time hit show back in 2005. However, she was a size 2, which is what Rachel referred to in her tweet

While the tweet has been deleted, the drama is far from over, and the chef isn’t here for nastiness or lies.

Rachel Hargrove received death threats after Tyra Banks tweet

Once again, taking to Twitter, Rachel revealed the backlash she experienced after her initial tweet. Sharing a photo of her initial tweet, the chef also included a screenshot of some of her DMs.

“I had too many dms with death threats…” she wrote.

The comments section of her tweet earned a lot of positivity, encouragement, and support for the Below Deck personality.

“Chef Rachel, you know they are the ones with a real problem. You rock. Take no heed of them, just block ofcourse,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another declared, “Omg. I’m sorry you have to deal with that ? You didn’t say or do anything to make anyone that upset. You’re an amazing chef ❤️ Love you Rachel.”

Chef Rachel gets support from Twitter.
Pic credit: @HargroveRachel/Twitter

Will chef Rachel Hargrove return for Below Deck Season 10?

Along with making waves with her Tyra tweet, Rachel also shared her thoughts on what Eddie Lucas said regarding Bravo paying Below Deck stars much lower than Real Housewives stars.

Rachel is mad at the network but did call the vast difference in salaries “disrespectful.” Her comment has some fans wondering if she will be back for Season 10 of Below Deck.

If she returns, it will mark her third straight season on the hit-yachting series. However, Rachel nor Bravo has commented either way on her future with the show.

The chef is headed to BravoCon with many other familiar faces from the series this fall. One would think Rachel wouldn’t be at the event if she wasn’t going to be on another season, especially because the event will happen as Below Deck Season 10 is playing out on-screen.

There’s no question that chef Rachel Hargrove is a Below Deck fan favorite, so her return for Season 10 would be received well. The good news, in a few weeks, Bravo should drop the Season 10 cast, so the wait is almost over.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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