Below Deck reunion: Here’s everything we know about Season 8 cast chat

Below Deck Season 8 reunion details are explosive.
The My Seanna crew gathers for one last chat and it gets heated. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck reunion has been filmed, and Bravo has given fans more insight into what can be expected from the Season 8 cast chat. A few details have already been revealed thanks to the trailer and a couple of crew members teasing fans.

Andy Cohen once again hosts the reunion, which kicks off with a few laughs. The Season 8 cast portrayed various fashion styles from glammed up to more relaxed.

Who attended the reunion show?

Captain Lee Rosbach, bosun Eddie Lucas, chief stew Francesca Rubi, chef Rachel Hargrove, Ashling Lorger, Izzy Wouters, James Hough, and fired stew Elizabeth Frankini are all on hand to dish the season.

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Shane Coopersmith dials in the virtual chat, but Shane’s replacement Rob Phillips couldn’t make it. The person who remains in question for an appearance is deckhand Avery Russell, who quit a day into the first charter.

Hot topics take over Below Deck reunion

There wasn’t a shortage of hot topics for the My Seanna crew to discuss at the reunion.

Shane gets rattled after his former colleagues roast him for his sustainable ways and lack of work ethic.

Rachel has to answer for abruptly quitting, without any regard to how it would affect her fellow crewmembers. The chef also addresses her drinking behavior and sounds off against some accusations made about her.

James comes under fire for his behavior toward Elizabeth as their boatmance went bust. The union brought a lot of drama to the superyacht.

Izzy doesn’t hold back sharing her frustration over how Rob and James treated her after she was promoted to lead deckhand. Rob recently claimed the promotion was for storyline purposes and called out production for feeding Izzy information about him.

Captain Lee dishes what the season was like without his pal Kate Chastain. The captain also shares his two cents on the crew. Plus, Captain Lee reflects on opening up about his son Joshua with charter guests David and Jackie Siegel.

Last but not least, Ashling promised a fiery showdown with the interior crew. The drama with Liz, Ash, and Francesca was a pivotal part of the season.

A discussion about Elizabeth’s firing leads to her blasting Francesca and Ashling. Elizabeth previously said she felt ganged up on by them, and it appears that’s only the beginning of Liz speaking her truth.

Season 8 was tame in comparison to some of the past seasons of the Bravo show. However, it was still filled with dramatics that will no doubt make the reunion enjoyable for fans to watch.

Below Deck Season 8 reunion airs Monday, February 22 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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