Below Deck: Rachel Hargrove reveals why started talking to another table during crew night out

Why did Rachel Hargrove really leave a crew dinner on Below Deck?
Rachel shares her side of the drama-filled dinner that left Eddie furious at the chef. Pic credit: Bravo

Rachel Hargrove has revealed why she started talking to another table during a crew night out on Below Deck.

It was another exciting evening for the My Seanna crew as chef Rachel got all liquored up and caused some drama. No, she didn’t quit this time, but Rachel did interrupt a random table’s dinner by asking to join them.

Eddie Lucas lost his patience with her Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona. The bosun, called Rachel’s behavior, was “rude and classless.”

Now Rachel has expressed her thoughts on the evening and her drunken antics during the Below Deck Season 8 After Show.

Rachel explained her actions

The crew was definitely confused by Rachel’s actions of ditching them amid dinner. However, the chef revealed she has a perfectly good explanation for her behavior.

“I talk to everybody. I have a propensity to do that. I’m super gregarious. I can’t help it. Like, I carry on conversations with everybody. It’s who I am. But yeah, it’s normal for me,” Rachel shared.

Elizabeth Frankini sided with Rachel because Elizabeth also talks to anyone that will listen to her.

What does the crew think of Rachel’s behavior?

Rachels antics are the second time fans have watched her ditch the crew. The first time she actually quit, though, leaving the My Seanna team freaking out over the possibility of having to cancel a charter.

No one said much regarding Rachel’s return and her attitude as if nothing happened, other than Eddie. Even at the dinner, Eddie had to remind chief stew, Francesca Rubi, that Rachel literally quit days ago.

Francesca shared during the after-show, she didn’t like that Rachel was making Eddie so angry. Then again, Rachel and Francesca are at odds over Elizabeth. The chef advised Elizabeth to go and complain to Captain Lee Rosbach regarding the chief stew.

As for Rachel’s behavior on the night out, besides Eddie, Francesca and Elizabeth, the rest of the crew made jokes about it.


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James Hough even laughed that the chef was simply having a good time, which was exactly what the deckhand was trying to do at the time.

Viewers have expressed mixed emotions when it comes to Rachel Hargrove and her recent behavior on Below Deck. The chef earned a few haters after the way she spoke to Captain Lee during the over the top preference sheet meeting.

Many fans like her style, though, mostly because Rachel keeps bringing the dramatics that keeps people tuning in each week.

The chef promised some juicy drama with Eddie Lucas. Their friendship took a bad turn thanks to her abruptly quitting.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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