Below Deck: Chef Rachel Hargrove teases drama with Eddie Lucas gets ‘real bad’

Rachel Hargrove promises drama with Eddie Lucas on Below Deck Season 8.
Rough waters are ahead for Rachel and Eddie as Below Deck Season 8 drama explodes. Pic credit: Bravo

Chef Rachel Hargrove has teased the drama with bosun Eddie Lucas gets “real bad” on Below Deck Season 8.

The latest season of the hit Bravo show has lacked the dramatic moments that keep fans talking for months. At first, it was a nice change of pace after watching the crazy and drama-filled episodes that played out on Below Deck Med Season 5.

However, viewers are ready for the crew to shake things up on the yachting show. The moments of crying and watching the My Seanna crew struggle are okay but not super entertaining for fans.

Rachel has shed some light on what is to come on Below Deck, and it sounds like the juicy drama viewers love.

Eddie and Rachel bring the drama

The Below Deck first look trailer showed Rachel telling someone to “go f**k yourself.” Thanks to the camera panning to Eddie, the bosun is believed to be on the receiving end of Rachel’s words.

Rachel admitted to Decider that she and Eddie do not mesh, and the drama plays out on the Bravo show.

“It’s really bad, but I’m one of those where I just hash it out, or I walk off. I don’t care. I’m one of those. Where I’m like, “Mm, is it something personal?” she explained.

“Something was published where he said I have an issue with authority. I was like, [sigh]. I’m just going to go back and think about Cartman. Remember with Cartman, he was like, [Cartman voice] ‘Respect my authority!’ It was really like that. I was like, authority is Captain Lee: Chief Officer, Chief Engineer. That’s it. Because I’m a department head as well.”

The chef’s response certainly doesn’t give away any spoilers. Rachel’s words do, though, let viewers know some dramatic moments are coming soon.


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Eddie has also admitted that he and Rachel got along great at the beginning of the season. However, the tide shifts and those moments die out.

Rachel’s favorite crew members

She may have drama with Eddie, but Rachel loves second stew Elizabeth Frankini. They both don’t have the best relationship with chief stew Francesca Rubi. However, Rachel swears it is Elizabeth’s rumor that makes her one of the chef’s favorite crew members.

Captain Lee Rosbach has become Rachel’s favorite captain she has ever worked within yachting. There was no explanation needed for that choice. He is the “stud of the sea” after all.


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Another favorite of Rachel’s is new stew Ashling Lorger. Rachel praised the way Ashling hit the ground running, despite her exhaustion.

Fans can look forward to some drama between Eddie Lucas and Rachel Hargrove on Below Deck. It sounds like viewers are in for a real treat with those two.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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