Below Deck fans sound off on Rayna Lindsey for attacking Wes O’Dell during Season 9 finale

Rayna Lindsey from Below Deck has outraged fans again.
Below Deck fans had a lot to say about Rayna coming for Wes on the crew night out. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans have sounded off on Rayna Lindsey for attacking Wes O’Dell during the Season 9 finale.

The saga of Heather Chase saying the N-word and how it affected Rayna was a hot story on the hit yachting show. Although Rayna accepted Heather’s apology, she backtracked, insisting it wasn’t genuine.

Things came to a drunken head during the My Seanna crew’s final night out. Rayna unleashed her fury on Heather, who begged on her knees for forgiveness in a truly overly dramatic moment.

While Below Deck fans had previously called for Heather to be fired, Rayna’s actions have caused them to take aim at her.

The action that put Rayna in the hot seat from viewers was her treatment of Wes on the final crew nigh out.

Below Deck fans sound off on Rayna Lindsey for attacking Wes O’Dell

Deckhand Wes tried to calm Rayna down after she lost it on Heather. However, instead of listening to Wes, Rayna made a fool of herself and attacked him. She hurled hateful comments at him while screaming that he was not Black. Wes is mixed-race — his father is white and his mother is Black.

The scene was cringeworthy to watch. After all, Wes had done nothing but lend Rayna an ear all season long. Wes listened as Rayna complained about literally everything.

Below Deck fans used Twitter to sound off on Rayna’s behavior and show their support for Wes. Twitter users agreed that Wes did not deserve the way Rayna treated him.

Wes, for his part, spoke out on the subject earlier this week. The deckhand took the high road when explaining how Rayna made him feel.

Others commented on how Rayna showed who she truly is on the last crew night out.

Below Deck fans slam Rayna.
Pic credit: @RealTimeBenny/Twitter and @BigBrothaCanuck/Twitter and @mariamar625/Twitter

Rayna from Below Deck disables comments on Instagram

As the fan outrage grew, Rayna disabled her comments on Instagram. In a recent interview, Rayna revealed she has no time for “Karens,” so her comments are disabled.

Rayna’s change to her social media account, as her treatment of Wes earned her backlash, didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter either.

Overall, Below Deck fans are over Rayna and her childish behavior. One user even called out Rayna for giving mixed messages, especially when it came to Heather.

Rayna Lindsey has earned backlash from Below Deck fans over how she treated Wes O’Dell. The topic will certainly be discussed at the Below Deck Season 9 reunion, which means fans will likely have more to say about the deckhand.

Are you Team Rayna or Team Wes?

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