Rayna Lindsey spills the tea on Below Deck, says she was made out to be a ‘villain’

Rayna from Below Deck has bashed the show and producers.
Rayna didn’t have many good things to say about her stint on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Rayna Lindsey has spilled the tea on Below Deck, including saying she was out to be the villain on Season 9 of the hit yachting show.

After weeks of blasting Below Deck, producers, and other cast members via Instagram Stories, Rayna dished her experience while talking to a friend. Rayna first told Below Deck fans of her tell-all last week, promising she would dish all the dirt.

Rayna Lindsey spills the tea on Below Deck

On Tuesday, Rayna revealed she stopped by the Saynomo podcast to dish all things Below Deck. The YouTube page for the podcast describes it as “the politically incorrect-Comedy podcast full of jokes gems and movies and music.”

Nothing was off-limits, and Rayna wasted no time defending her actions and blaming others for how she was portrayed on Below Deck.

Rayna recalled chief stew Heather Chase saying the N-word on a crew night out. After she was done, Rayna declared she “wishes nothing but the best” for Heather.

Rayna blamed Heather’s actions on her being “so young” before sharing she doesn’t care about Heather.

The deckhand also took aim at social media trolls, revealing she turned off her comments because she isn’t dealing with the Karens. It’s a sentiment Rayna also shared via Instagram Stories.

Rayna Lindsey talks Below Deck.
Pic credit: @raynalindsey/Instagram

Rayna also brought up Wes, to which her friend and the host said, “f**k Wes,” a few times.

“You know Wes, I wish you nothing but the best,” Rayna expressed before alluding to him not understanding where she’s coming from because he grew up in the islands.

Wes didn’t react to Rayna’s interview. However, he did speak on the Gangplank Report podcast about what went down with Rayna, saying she never apologized for what she said to him on the final crew night out.

Rayna says she was made out to be a ‘villain’ on Below Deck

Along with sharing her thoughts on Heather and Wes, Rayna spilled that she was purposely edited to look like the villain of Below Deck Season 9.

“They had me looking like the villain,” Rayna said. “They just had me looking like this upset all the time. They just show reactions. They don’t show no action on why I am reacting the way I am acting.”

Rayna called out executive producer Lauren Simms for focusing on the negative that happened with the deckhand. She admitted there were a lot of moments where she, Fraser, and Jake were just cracking each other up.

Those weren’t featured, though. It was all Rayna fighting with Jake or the Heather and Wes drama.

Rayna Lindsey from Below Deck has spilled the tea on the show. There is a lot to unpack after watching her interview, that’s for sure.

Next up is the Below Deck Season 9 reunion show, which Rayna called boring.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo