Below Deck Down Under: Will Captain Jason Chambers fire chef Ryan McKeown?

Captain Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under is ready to fire chef Ryan McKeown.
Chef Ryan and Captain Jason face off on Below Deck Down Under. Pic credit: Bravo

Will Captain Jason Chambers fire chef Ryan McKeown on Below Deck Down Under? That’s the question on fans’ minds after the latest episode saw the two men at odds.

Ryan has been bringing the drama with his “it’s my or the highway” attitude all season long.

Below Deck Down Under, viewers sounded off on how he treated beloved chief stew, Aesha Scott. The chef also got into a heated exchange with Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier, who defended her pal Aesha and clapped back at Ryan.

Howser, it’s not Aesha that Ryan needs to worry about right now as Captain Jason loses his patience with the condescending chef.

Will Captain Jason Chambers fire Below Deck Down Under chef Ryan McKeown?

The mid-season trailer features the hunky captain firing a crew member, so Below Deck Down Under viewers know someone is getting the boot.

Captain Jason has been hunting for a new chef, texting about a replacement in a previous episode. When the show was filmed in May 2021, COVID-19 protocols and quarantine were heavily in place in Australia. Therefore, getting a new chef isn’t easy.

The most recent episode ended with Captain Jason and Ryan facing off after the captain had it with the chef’s attitude. Ryan was so disrespectful to the captain, which is why Below Deck Down Under viewers wonder if he will get fired.

All signs point to Captain Jason wanting to get rid of Ryan and him being the person fired. It will be a shock if Ryan lasts all season. The only reason he might not get fired would be if a replacement can’t be found during the final four charters.

Does chef Leon Walker replace chef Ryan on Below Deck Down Under?

The rumor mill has been buzzing that Below Deck alum chef Leon Walker is coming in to replace Ryan. Below Deck fan, Instagram account @belowdeckaboveaverage captured a Reddit thread with a theory Ryan’s fired and Leon replaces him.

Below Deck fans will recall last year, Leon was rumored to be joining Below Deck Down Under Season 1, which was a surprise considering Captain Lee Rosbach fired him on Season 8 of the OG show. Leon was spotted in the same area Below Deck Down Under was filming, and that’s how the rumors got started.

Season 1 of Below Deck Down Under has a little more than a handful of episodes left. Captain Jason Chambers has lost his patience with chef Ryan McKeown. The hunky captain appears ready to fire him but remember, things aren’t always as they appear in the Below Deck franchise.

Do you think Captain Jason will fire Ryan?

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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