Below Deck alums react to Lexi Wilson drama on Below Deck Med

Kate Chastain, Colin Macy O'Toole and more talk Below Deck Med Lexi Wilson drama.
Below Deck fan favorites are sharing their thoughts on Lexi, and her Below Deck Mediterranean fights. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alums have reacted to the Lexi Wilson drama playing out on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6.

Lexi has been making waves on the hit yachting show from day one. She butted heads with chef Mathew Shea in the galley. Then Lexi unleashed her Satan wrath on the rest of the crew in a drunken rage. Satan is how Lexi referred to herself several times as events of the drunk night unfolded.

Not only did she push her boobs in Lloyd Spencer’s face, but Lexi also pushed Mzi “Zee” Dempers and called him a racial slur. Lexi was not punished for her actions. She also gave a rather lackluster apology to the crew at Captain Sandy Yawn’s urging.

There is no question that Lexi’s behavior has been horrific. Now other Below Deck and Below Deck Med alums are weighing on the hot topic.

Below Deck alum Kate Chastain reacts to Lexi Wilson drama

Kate Chastain admitted she would not have been as kind and patient as chief stew Katie Flood. In an interview with Us Weekly, Kate declared Katie needs to stop tiptoeing around Lexi’s bad behavior.

“I think the mistake that Katie made, she has let Lexi know that she’s scared of her. She’s kind of walking on eggshells around Lexi,” the Below Deck beauty shared with the weekly magazine.

As for Lexi, well, Kate doesn’t think yachting is for her. Lexi also had the same sentiment because she is no longer working in yachting.

Below Deck Med alums talk Lexi Wilson’s bad behavior

Colin Macy-O’Toole and Bobby Giancola shared their insight into Lexi’s behavior when chatting with Us Weekly. The Below Deck Mediterranean alums agreed that having a drunk disagreement or discussion is never a good thing.

Bobby expressed that he felt Katie was great trying to look at all sides, especially since there are so many different levels of anger and stress going on with the crew. When it comes to Lexi, Bobby understands she’s dealing with a lot, but that’s no excuse for her behavior.

“But at the end of the day, she has been very abrasive to everyone. At that point, when it gets so toxic, it’s time for them to go somewhere else. Because it’s just going to bring the whole team down,” Bobby expressed to the magazine.

Captain Sandy gave Lexi a second chance and encouraged Katie to help Lexi push past the drama. Colin weighed in on the captain’s decision.

“I’m not a yacht captain, but I feel like you should always give someone a second chance to kind of redeem themselves. Unless it’s something drastic and you have to let them go. But Lexi kind of lost her mind last episode,” he explained.

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Do you think Lexi will last the rest of Season 6?

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