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Below Deck Med: Lexi Wilson shares her side of hot tub and crew mess drama, spills what she would do different

Lexi Wilson opens up about her her behavior toward crew on Below Deck Med Season 6.
Lexi is reflecting on her actions and explaining why she behaved the way she did on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star Lexi Wilson has shared her side of the hot tub and crew mess drama pitting her against her colleagues. She also spilled what she would have done differently.

Lexi has come under fire for her behavior on Below Deck Med for weeks. Thanks to her burn list, calling herself Satin, and being disrespectful, she hasn’t earned the best reputation.

Lexi Wilson shares her side of hot tub and crew mess drama on Below Deck Med

The second stew chatted with The Daily Dish to shed light on the most recent episode, especially her actions.

Lexi admitted she was looking forward to the night out with the crew. After chef Mathew Shea left the dinner and ultimately the Lady Michelle, an argument over paying the bill pissed Lexi off.

Then the fight between Malia White and Lexi in their cabin impacted how Lexi was feeling in the hot tub.

“The other crew didn’t know. Like, no one knew we had anything in the room. So it was like, I still wanted to go to the hot tub and, like, chill with the crew. But I also was, like, kind of annoyed that me and Malia weren’t really on good terms,” Lexi explained to the website.

As viewers know, conflict arose based on Lexi’s actions. The second stew gave Courtney Veale props for having her back. However, when it came to chief stew Katie Flood, who did try and deescalate things, Lexi claims Katie screamed at her a lot.

Lexi also revealed what she was thinking during the chaos that erupted in the crew mess.

“I think I was just so angry, and I had so much stuff going on,” she stated. “And I came out of the room, and I felt just like, I don’t know, it was just a continuation of the hot tub for me. And I guess when you’re already in that headspace, you just continue going on instead of relaxing and going in your room and trying to deescalate. I think I said something to Zee, but that’s only because I felt like he was inserting himself into something he knew nothing about.”

Lexi spills what she would do differently

Although it may not appear that way onscreen, Lexi revealed she was merely reacting to what was said to her. She reiterated she wasn’t arguing just for the sake of arguing with her coworkers on camera. The second stew fully admits she was not in the right headspace at the time due to losing her father a couple of months before.

Lexi has been reflecting on the two incidents and revealed what she would have done differently.

First, she would have taken a different approach to the bill argument at the restaurant. Second, Lexi would not have hung out with the crew after the dinner drama.

“I would’ve just went into my room, wouldn’t even go up to the hot tub, wouldn’t even have gone outside. I think that would have cooled me off because right there and then, I was so upset that if anything triggered me and pissed me off,” she expressed.

The second stew further admitted if she had dealt with her issue with Malia separately and stayed in the cabin, the explosive fight would have been avoided.

What do you think of Lexi Wilson’s explanation for the hot tub and crew mess blowups on Below Deck Med?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.