Are Below Deck Med producers using Season 6 to redeem Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White?

Is Bravo purposely editing out a lot of Malia White and Captain Sandy Yawn during Season 6?
Below Deck Med viewers are seeing a completely different side to the captain and bosun during Season 6. Pic credit: Bravo

There is speculation that Below Deck Mediterranean producers are using Season 6 to redeem Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White.

Season 5 of the yachting show was filled with drama that angered long-time viewers. The outrage was directed entirely at the captain and the bosun for their behavior. Chef Tom Checketts, who was dating Malia at the time, also came under fire for his tantrums.

When news broke that Captain Sandy and Malia were returning for Season 6, the backlash was at an all-time high. Some viewers deemed chef Matthew Shea leaving the cure in a lurch on day one of the season karma for the bosun and captain’s Season 5 actions.

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Thankfully the dynamic of the season is completely different, just like Captain Sandy teased.

Are Below Deck Med producers trying to redeem Captain Sandy and Malia?

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 crew is a 180-degree change from the Season 5 crew. From the moment the Season 5 crew boarded The Wellington, there was tension, and it only escalated as the charter season went on.

Not to mention Bravo fired Peter Hunziker for a racist post on social media after the season was airing. Pete was edited out of the season, but it took a while for him to disappear.

Speaking of editing, as Season 6 plays out onscreen, the show has been focused on drama with Lexi Wilson and chef Matthew Shea. The show also has been playing up the deck team humor, including their respect for Malia.

Twitter has been talking about how the bosun and captain are being portrayed this season on Below Deck Med. One user even went as far as to declare Lexi a plant to make Malia and Captain Sandy look better.

One Twitter user thinks Lexi is a plant on Below Deck Med.
Pic credit: @darealTstarks/Twitter

Another user admitted to becoming a Malia fan this season simply because Lexi is truly awful.

Malia has more fans now thanks to Lexi.
Pic credit: @JessTV11/Twitter

It certainly seems that producers are trying to redeem Captain Sandy and Malia or, at the very least, take the focus off them to appease the viewers who still dislike them.

Season 6 crew adores Malia and Captain Sandy

A lot of praise for Captain Sandy and Malia has come out since Season 6 premiered. Lloyd Spencer, David Pascoe, and Mzi Zee Dempers have all praised working with them.

Katie Flood admitted she was grateful to have Malia by her side this season. Courtney Veale taught Captain Sandy how to twerk and has expressed her enjoyment of working with the captain.

Filming for Below Deck Med Season 6 took place last fall as Season 5 was still airing on Bravo. At that point, producers couldn’t recast Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White, not that they would have anyway.

The good news is Season 6 has brought a whole new side of the bosun and captain so far. A good edit could be the reason, or perhaps the women got a bad edit during Season 5 of the show.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Charleen Thorner
Charleen Thorner
2 years ago

Maybe those who are slagging off Captain Sandy and Malia are afraid of strong capable women. If their fear is that bad, there’s an easy answer, change the channel, and don’t watch.

2 years ago

Captain Sandy and Malia are fellow lesbians’ which is fine, sexual preference is personal and I am sure Capt Sandy is taking advantage of that to up the opportunities for cock tease Malia. She is a sorry Bosin and a user of men. She proved that first season she was on the show. So IMO think both of them are full of it and themselfs.