Lexi from Below Deck Med defends her behavior and teases quitting Bravo show

Below Deck Med: Lexi Wilson dishes her behavior and feelings toward crew members on Bravo show.
Lexi has answered some of the fans’ most burning questions while keeping her sassy attitude on full display. Pic credit: Bravo

Lexi from Below Deck Mediterranean has defended her behavior on screen and teased quitting the Bravo show.

Season 6 of Below Deck Med has only aired a few episodes, and second stew Lexi Wilson’s already bringing the drama. Lexi has shaded chief stew Katie Flood, dissed third stew Courtney Veale and butted heads with chef Matthew Shea.

The first-look trailer featured Lexi quitting at some point in the season. Plus a preview for an upcoming episode of Below Deck Mediterranean shows Lexi screaming at bosun Malia White, getting in deckhand Mzi “Zee” Dempers’ face, and battling it out with Matthew again.

As the viewers take to social media to share their thoughts on the new season and crew, Lexi has made sure her opinion is heard too.

Lexi defends her behavior on Below Deck Med

While a new episode played out on Bravo, Lexi used Instagram Stories to answer some of the viewers’ most burning questions.

The second stew was, of course, asked about eating the lamb chops in the galley that were meant for guests.

“24 hours and the [camera] is rolling but only 47 minutes is aired let that ( SINK IN), then they have to adjust the hours to fit the 40 minutes! A few things, though [smiley face emoji] 1) I never walked in Galley and pick up without asking!! 2) It was scraps. Literally scraps on a bone. 2 pieces of bones 3) Now I understand when an industry friend told me it’s not the cameras you should be concerned about; it’s the editing,” Lexi wrote in her Instagram Stories.

Lexi defends Below Deck Med behavior.
Pic credit: @LexiWilson/Instagram

Lexi teases quitting and reunion show

One user point-blank asked Lexi if she quits Below Deck Med Season 6. She certainly doesn’t seem too happy on the show, nor does she mesh with the crew.

“Yes and No,” Lexi replied.

Lexi teases quitting Below Deck Med
Pic credit: @LexiWilson/Instagram

The cryptic response didn’t really answer the question. Basically, viewers are going to have to watch to find out what goes down.

Lexi did reveal she will attend the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion show, even alluding to it already being set up as a virtual event instead of in person.

Lexi talks Below Deck Med reunion show
Pic credit: @LexiWilson/Instagram

Although no topic was off-limits, there was one question that Lexi chose not to answer. The stew was asked who her favorite crew member was this season and replied she prefers to answer that one privately.

Lexi Wilson talks crew members on Below Deck Med.
Pic credit: @LexiWilson/Instagram

Below Deck Med star Lexi Wilson has used social media to make sure she can share her side of the story as the show plays out on screen. She got fans interest piqued with her response to whether she quits the Bravo show.

Whatever the future holds for Lexi, it sure does seem like she and viewers are in for one entertaining season.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

I’m sorry but she made some nasty, self entitled, snobbish comments – apparently she thinks she is much more important than she is. PUHLEESE get her out of here. Disgusting person.