Is Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med engaged? Malia White claims yes, talks explosive fight with second stew

Is Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med engaged? Malia White spills the tea
After their blowout fight played out on Below Deck Med, Malia spilled some tea about Lexi. Pic credit: Bravo

Malia White claims Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Mediterranean is engaged following the most explosive fight in the history of the yachting franchise.

The Below Deck series has seen a lot of blowups over the years. Ashton Pienaar nearly punching Kate Chastain in the van during Season 7 of Below Deck, for example.

However, Lexi unleashing her Satan, which she called herself several times, fury on almost all of her crew members takes the cake.

Malia was in the middle of the drama with Lexi yelling at her, “You’re a bosun. Stand the f**k down.” Now the bosun is weighing in on the fight while spilling some juicy information about Lexi.

What did Malia White say about Lexi Wilson?

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the host couldn’t wait to get all the dirty details from Malia and third stew Courtney Veale.

Andy wanted to know what Malia thought set Lexi off on such a tirade against the crew.

“I think it was a mixture of everything. I think she had a lot going on. You know the passing of her dad so recently, and alcohol just kind of fueled everything,” Malia expressed.

The host asked what was going through Malia’s mind when Lexi told her to stand down.

“I don’t know what that means coming from a second stew. Again, I just think she was wasted and bringing rank into it,” she spilled.

Courtney agreed with Malia that Lexi was in the wrong and alcohol added to the situation. After all, Courtney was pretty wasted, which was why she was passed out through part of the explosive fight. She blamed it on tequila.

Is Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med engaged?

The topic of conversation switched to just how wealthy is Lexi, who claimed to live in an $8,000 a month condo in Miami. One fan question asked Malia if she thought Lexi was as rich as she bragged about being, and if so, why Lexi would work in yachting.

“I mean, I did see she just got engaged to a pretty wealthy man, so possibly? Maybe she does it for fun?” Malia stated.

So, is Below Deck Med’s Lexi engaged? Lexi hasn’t made any formal announcement. However, recently she started wearing a massive rock on her ring finger in her Instagram photos.

The bling suddenly appeared in pictures a week ago. In one photo, Lexi even puts her hand up near her face, showing off her new bling, without saying anything.

Lexi has disabled the comments on her Instagram.

Is Lexi Wilson egaged?
Pic credit: @LexiWilson/Instagram

It’s not clear how Malia White knew that Lexi got engaged. Perhaps Lexi did share the news via Instagram Stories, or maybe Malia is in contact with someone who still talks to Lexi.

The question will no doubt be answered at the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion, which is still months away.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9//8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

If Satan had a fiancée, I’m positive it would be Lexi. Birds of a feather.

2 years ago

Nothing nice about her at all, foul mouth, lazy, no skills, nasty to people.