Bayleigh Dayton returns with new show after Big Brother 22

Bayleigh On BB22
Bayleigh Dayton returned to play on Big Brother 22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Bayleigh Dayton may have announced she was retiring from reality TV after Big Brother 22, but she is back with a new project for her fans.

The veteran player of Big Brother on CBS and The Challenge over on MTV has a new YouTube show and Episode 1 was already revealed online.

It seems like this new show is a way for Bayleigh to show her fans what she is up to and to also set the record straight about what is going on in her life and that of husband Chris Williams (Swaggy C).

YouTube video player

If the first episode is an indication of what’s to come, the show will be a fun and quick way for fans to keep up with Bayleigh in an easy-to-watch format.

Bayleigh’s World: Episode 1

Taking to her Instagram account, Bayleigh posted a note to her fans along with a preview video of her new show.

She wrote, “I love you all. The support today has been incredible. I’m way out of my comfort zone here. But you guys are always supporting me no matter what !”

She then added, “episode 1 is just the beginning .. literally . Excited for the journey Shout out to the team for helping this come together !”

Bayleigh then tagged four people she wanted to show had helped her with the project and the list was led by Swaggy C.

Quite a few people from the world of reality television were quick to leave her comments and well-wishes about this new project and chapter for her. That includes Kaitlyn Herman from Big Brother 20 who wrote, “NEVER. IGNORE. YOUR. INTUITION.”

Rachel Swindler, who was also part of the BB20 cast with Bayleigh, Swaggy, and Kaitlyn wrote, “Weird my reality tv career is over too.” She then posted, “I really want to make a parody vs my life currently. Would b very funny. But you look amazing and so happy for you!”

And, of course, her good friend Da’Vonne Rogers stopped by to leave a comment as well. Da’Vonne wrote, “I’m soooo proud of you !!!!!!!!!!! Yes ma’am !!! ?ALL OF THIS !!”

Below is the first episode of Bayleigh’s World:

Moving On From Reality TV... Bayleigh's World (Episode 1)

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