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Bachelor Nation drags Taylor Nolan again after latest apology for past behavior, offensive tweets

Taylor Nolan films for Bachelor in Paradise.
Taylor Nolan is under fire once again after issuing another apology for her discriminatory tweets. Pic credit: ABC

Former Bachelor contestant Taylor Nolan is under fire for her latest apology after her discriminatory tweets surfaced.

Taylor recently published another apology on Medium. In the piece, she explains that she issued those tweets after facing discrimination aimed her own way.

However, fans seem to think Taylor is just making more excuses rather than apologizing for her tweets. One segment of her piece particularly outraged Bachelor Nation.

“I thought disparaging others because of their race or body would somehow make me seem normal and White,” Taylor’s Medium piece reads. “So in order to fit in and have a sense of safety that’s what I did. My outward displays of bias and intolerance were a reflection of my inner conflicts.”

In the article, she states that the “inner conflicts” came from bullying, racism directed towards her, and pressure from her family and school to fit into the “White” environments around her.

She expresses that these conflicts are what caused her to make others “feel excluded — whether it be because of their race, weight, looks or sexual preference.”

Bachelor Nation takes aim at Taylor

Reddit users slammed Taylor’s most recent apology.

One user thinks that Taylor should’ve acknowledged the impact her past actions have on her current career as a therapist.

“I wish she would also address the possible harm caused to her early clients while she was still unpacking her hatred of other people,” the user wrote.

Another user called Taylor out for issuing another non-apology.

“Whatever that was AGAIN is just her making excuses and not taking responsibility. Your past trauma is a reason but not an excuse! And how is it possible that she ends that essay with a pat on the back for herself. Just say I was wrong. Apologize,” the user expressed.

“Stop with the excuses. At the end of the day plenty self-hating people with identity issues didn’t bully people or write racist and abusive tweets, and bullies come from all backgrounds and walks of life. You were a just shitty person back then. Acknowledge that and end it there.”

A third user called for Taylor to be canceled.

“Can we act if she doesn’t exist? I’m tired of her bs stinking up the place”

Bachelor Nation comments on Taylor Nolan's most recent apology.
Pic credit: Reddit/gornystar_00

Taylor’s previous apologies also backfired

Many members of Bachelor Nation think that Taylor hasn’t been handling the situation well.

Taylor issued her first apology on the same day that the tweets resurfaced.

She uploaded a lengthy 30-minute Instagram video explaining why she never deleted the tweets and apologizing.

However, many fans thought Taylor was talking around the issue.

Taylor then issued a second written apology on Instagram.

However, this wasn’t enough to win fans back over.

Many continued to call her out, and the state of Washington even issued an investigation on her over the tweets. If action is taken, she could lose her counseling license.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus at ABC.

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