Bachelor in Paradise alums wanted Wells Adams as the host and not Jesse Palmer

Wells Adams
Wells Adams was the fan fave according to alums for the BIP hosting gig. Pic credit: ABC

Just this week, more details were announced about the upcoming Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Not only did viewers find out the show would be premiering in the fall this year, but they were told that Wells Adams would be back as the bartender, and Jesse Palmer would be hosting BIP after getting The Bachelor and The Bachelorette hosting gig.

However, Bachelor Nation alums aren’t too happy with this choice. While they love Wells as the BIP bartender, many of them wanted him promoted to the host of the show.

Why do Bachelor alums want Wells as the host of Bachelor in Paradise?

Fans of the franchise who watched Bachelor in Paradise when Wells was the bartender know he not only makes and pours the drinks, but he gives advice, supports the contestants, and talks with everyone the whole time.

Kendall Long was a recent guest on Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast, and she had something to say about the announcement and is most definitely pro-Wells as the host.

She stated, “Wells was more interactive with all of us than the host was just because he was there every day at the bar. And he really had a sort of host role in talking about actual, real emotions, giving advice.”

Kendall then talked about how they see the bartender way more than they see the host on Paradise, so having Wells be the host after he’s experienced the show multiple times would make sense.

While Kendall did compliment Jesse on his hosting abilities and justified that maybe they’re trying to keep all three shows with the same host, she said a lot of the cast just knows how easy it is to talk to Wells.

Other alums piped up with their opinions as well

Tammy Ly, another former The Bachelor contestant told Us Weekly in an interview that she “really think[s] Wells should just be the permanent host … I think he’s killer. He has great commentary. He’s funny. He’s also sympathetic and, like, really relatable.”

She went on to say, “He’s been on the show before. Jesse is great and I think that if they just wanted him for a hosting position, that’d be great. But Paradise is so much more in depth and personal with the cast. I think that Wells would just kill it.”

Another Season 7 alum, Jessenia Cruz, agreed with Tammy, as she added after talking about the idea of celebrity hosts, “Or if they keep Wells as the host and, maybe, have someone kind of take up the mantle of the Paradise bartender, that’d be cool too.”

Jessenia also said that she doesn’t have anything against Jesse but that Wells would be better on Paradise over Jesse.

For more of the Here for the Right Reasons podcast, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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