Austin Forsyth slammed for giving Gideon coffee, Counting On fan calls out Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband

Austin and Joy in a Counting On confessional.
Austin was called out by a Counting On fan. Pic credit: TLC

Austin Forsyth is under fire for giving Gideon coffee. The Counting On dad shared a photo of himself alongside his little boy with both holding coffee in their hands.

It was noted in the caption of the Instagram photo that it was decaf coffee, but that didn’t stop some fans from kicking off judgmental comments. This isn’t anything new for Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin with Gideon, but it was still shocking.

What was said about Austin Forsyth giving Gideon coffee?

While several of the comments were about how cute Gideon was holding his coffee cup alongside his dad, Austin Forsyth, there were some naysayers. Coffee is a controversial topic when it comes to children, and adding in the family’s fame, there is plenty more to say about it.

It was made clear that Gideon was drinking decaf coffee. One follower still didn’t think that was good enough. She even said she wasn’t being judgmental, though the comment would say otherwise. The fan suggested that coffee was not good for children and hot chocolate should be substituted instead.

This isn’t the first time that the parenting of Gideon Forsyth has come under fire. Several Counting On followers talked about how the family lived in a camper for his first part of life. There was also his first birthday when Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth went away for the weekend instead of spending time with him.

Austin Forsyth's comments on Instagram.
Austin Forsyth was slammed for giving Gideon coffee. Pic credit: @austin4site/Instagram

Counting On returns soon

Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that she is expecting her second child with Austin Forsyth after the loss of their baby girl last June. Gideon will become a big brother in August, which will be an exciting time for the entire family.

At the end of June, Counting On will be back with a brand new season as well. Viewers will get to see Joy’s pregnancy and Gideon growing up before their eyes. There is speculation that Joy and Austin Forsyth’s move may be chronicled – along with their baby announcement to the family.

Some of the raw footage from the Counting On stars was shared on their YouTube channel, but it will likely be shown on the show as well. Fans think that Gideon is one of the cutest Duggar kids, and watching him grow up is a joy.

Moving forward, it is likely Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth will be more careful with what they post.

Counting On returns Tuesday, June 30 at 9/8c on TLC.

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2 years ago

My Grandmother gave me coffee from the time I started walking and I’m 62 and it didn’t hurt me. I love coffee .