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Asuelu’s sister posts proof that he’s been sending money to Samoa, claims 90 Day Fiance storyline is fake

Asuelu on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Pic credit: TLC
Asuelu on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Pic credit: TLC

Asuelu Pulaa’s family has come under fire from 90 Day Fiance fans for their greedy demand that Asuelu send them money even though he only works part-time.

In a recent episode, Asuelu broke down crying as his mother demanded $1,000, saying that his children “will die” if he gave her the money. It was a bit dramatic, but fans were sympathetic to his struggle.

The problem only escalated on Sunday’s episode when Kalani confronted Asuelu’s mom and sister Tammy about their greed. Asuelu’s mom’s shocking admission that she didn’t care about her grandkids infuriated Kalani. The dispute nearly turned physical, and fans were entirely on Kalani’s side.

But now, one of Asuelu’s relatives in Samoa is claiming that the whole argument is just for show.

Reality gossiper Sharrell’s World showed proof

Reality Gossip YouTube Channel Sharrell’s World shared a video over the weekend explaining that the Pulaa’s money-hunger may not be entirely genuine.

Sharrell shared a social media post from one of Asuelu’s sisters who is still back in Samoa. In the post, Asuelu’s sister Paepaealofa shared photos showing that both Asuelu and Tammy have been sending her money through MoneyGram.

Watch Sharrell’s YouTube video below.

Fans are furious with the Pulaa women

Whether or not the money dispute was real, it certainly has fans up in arms against Asuelu’s family.

“idk if you guys keep up with 90 day fiancé- happily ever after but i would’ve molly whopped the f*ck out of Asuelu’s sister and her mom could lowkey catch hands too. talking about ‘i don’t care about the kids, just give me money’. B**CH THOSE ARE YOUR GRANDKIDS,” one angry fan wrote on Twitter.
Other viewers were also left incredulous by the Pulaa family’s actions, and Asuelu was not spared from the criticism. “Wait wait wait wait…hold up. So…. Kalani just stood up for Asuelu and their kids against his family, and Asuelu is calling her a f*cking a**hole?” another Twitter user wrote.

Many fans were still stuck on who would win in a Kalani vs. Tammy matchup. “I wanted Kalani to fight Tammy so bad because she would’ve won. Kalani’s dad is badass and you know he raised her to come out of a fight as the winner,” one Twitter user said.

Almost unanimously, 90 Day Fiance fans took Kalani’s side in the argument. No matter the culture, it’s not a good look to say you don’t care about your grandchildren.

Asuelu’s mom and sister have definitely made themselves the villains of this season, and fans can only guess at what will come next.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

Meredith Testa

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