90 Day Fiance fans furious at Asuelu’s mom after she said she doesn’t care about Kalani’s kids

Kalina confronts Asuelu's mom over money
Fans cheered Kalani on as she put Asuelu’s greedy Mom in her place. Pic credit: TLC

Kalani gives Asuelu’s family one more chance on last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Instead of the two new grandbabies being the center of the visit, Asuelu’s mom’s main concern hasn’t changed – she wants money.

Asuelu’s family didn’t react well when Kalani laid down the law and let them know they shouldn’t feel entitled to their money. She reiterates that their focus is on their two young children.

Fans were shocked when Asuelu’s mom straight up says, “I don’t care about the kids.”

Although Asuelu only works part-time at a yogurt shop and Kalani a stay at home mom, they expect a whopping sum of $1,000 to be sent over to family in Samoa. The family has no problem demanding money and expect Kalani’s parents to foot the bill to support them.

For some reason, Asuelu’s mom has the notion that Kalani sits and does nothing, when it reality, viewers know this is the complete opposite.

Asuelu’s sister insinuates Kalani got pregnant on purpose

Instead of being understanding of their financial situation, Asuelu’s family stuns fans by shaming Kalani for getting pregnant and claims she did it on purpose. However, we all know that Asuelu is not exactly a catch to begin with.

They conclude that Kalani is being “lazy” for not getting a job to assist in supporting Asuelu’s family in Samoa.

Asuelu’s sister Tammy goes on to say, “Did we tell you to get pregnant? That is your own fault.”

Asuelu’s mother is convinced that Kalani schemed Asuelu into being her husband.

Viewers were proud when Kalani stood her ground and pointed out that didn’t get pregnant alone.

Asuelu’s mom decides that she wants to take Asuelu back to Samoa

Asuelu’s mom shocked viewers with her blatant demand for money. Pic credit: TLC

After realizing that Kalani has taken her spot as the decision-maker in Asuelu’s life, Asuelu’s mom decides she wants to take him back to Samoa.

Asuelu’s mom and Tammy both agree that the couple should get a divorce and he should leave his family so he can “go back to doing his duty as before.”

Kalani begins to get emotional but Tammy does not quit as she says, “Why you crying Kalani? Because of the way you brainwash and control Asuelu?”

The conversation does not end well as Tammy charges Kalani and threatens her with a beat down next time she sees her.

Although many viewers wanted to see a showdown between the two, Kalani handles the situation with grace as she walks away with not one look back at her bitter (greedy) in-laws.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC

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3 years ago

I was reeling when I saw this scene on last nights episode! How can someone be so heartless and say she doesn’t care about their grandchildren welfare! So shocking!

3 years ago

I forgot to post about this last week, but his family is just awful! Nasty, self-centered, selfish people. Asuelu’s mother showed her true colors when she said that she doesn’t care about her grandchildren – it’s all about her! And his sister Tammy is just as nasty. I think they are why Asuelu is so weird in his thinking. I hope Kalani just gets out of the marriage and sends him back to his mommy. Kalani deserves way better than him – he is just a 3rd child for her to take care of. And she won’t have to deal with such awful in-laws! They are just a terrible family & she needs to kick him to the curb and send him back to Samoa.

Krystal Macleod
Krystal Macleod
3 years ago

Janace she’s the most Loving Mother any Daughter could ask for I loved when she called Ariella :Her Little Bear: