Kalani threatens to fight Asuelu’s sister, 90 Day Fiance fans cheer her on

Viewers want Kalani to beat up Asuelu's sister after recent episode
Fans have Kalani’s back in the fight with Asuelu’s sister. Pic credit: TLC

The latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? has fans grinding their teeth in anger, and if you watched the scene between Kalani Fataaga and Asuelu Pulaa’s family, you will totally understand why.

During a visit, Kalani and the kids had a chance to meet up with Asuelu’s mother and sister.

However, it became clear from the very beginning that the women wanted to see them for one thing, and one thing only: money!

The minute the Samoan native sat down for a chat with his family, they turned to the topic of money, insisting that the dad-of-two give his mother $1000.

When Asuelu tried to explain that he didn’t have that amount to give, they did not take it well. The Pulaa women set their sights on Kalani, blaming her as the reason he refused to give them the full amount.

Kalani meets up with in-laws

A very angry yet calm Kalani decided to meet up with her in-laws to discuss the money issue.

Unfortunately, the conversation took an ugly turn, and the comments made by Asuelu’s mother about her grand children had viewers seething!

The Pulaa women called the 31-year-old lazy for not working hard enough to send money to them and accused her of getting pregnant on purpose.

However, the clincher was when the 90 Day Fiance alum was told by her  mother-law-law that she doesn’t care about her grand kids. Apparently, all she cares about is getting money from her son!

The comment angered fans, and it certainly didn’t sit well Kalani, who eventually walked away from the conversation.

As she turned to leave, Asuelu’s sister Tammy went into a rage and tried to lunge at Kalani as her own mother held her back.

Once viewers saw her aggression, many took to social media wanting Kalani to fight Asuelu’s greedy sister.

Fans back Kalani in the fight with Asuelu’s sister

Kalani had many supporters on Twitter last night as the disturbing episode played out.

May fans could not believe that a grandmother would pretty much say that she cares more about money than her own grandchildren.

While Kalani kept her cool and walked away before the altercation got physical, many viewers wished that she had stayed, and they were all betting on Kalani if there was a fight with Asuelu’s sister.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Michele Williamson
Michele Williamson
1 year ago

I am sickened by Tammy and her Mother don’t they see how they are? its disgusting why in the world do they only care about money and what he can give. Tammy is the worst person ever she is disgusting and ugly and so is the Mother. They should care about Asuelu and if he needs financial help for his children and wife why doesn’t Asuelu say Mom I need money I am broke how much can you and Tammy give me? That’s what he should say, they are so ugly there insides look how they look on the outside I can not believe anyone would marry that awful nasty Tammy how in the world did she find a husband?