Ashley Jones explains why she walked off stage during Teen Mom 2 reunion

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones
Ashley made a stand by walking off the Teen Mom 2 reunion stage. Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram

Ashley Jones explained to her fans why she walked off the stage during the Season 11 Teen Mom 2 reunion.

Ahead of tonight’s reunion special, Teen Mom released a preview of the episode.

In the clip, Ashley was joined on stage by her Teen Mom 2 co-stars Leah Messer, Jade Cline, and Briana DeJesus. Due to work commitments, Kail Lowry filmed her segment from her home in Delaware rather than flying to California to film alongside her castmates.

Ashley Jones walks off set during Teen Mom 2 reunion

During the scene, when Leah began discussing what led to her broken friendship with Kail, Ashley quietly removed herself from the set. The cast and reunion host Dr. Drew were confused as to why Ashley got up to leave.

“I’mma let y’all talk about Kail without me cuz I don’t wanna be in none of that s**t, so… ” Ashley said as she walked away.

ashley jones took to IG Stories to explain why she walked off set during the season 11 tm2 reunion
Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram

Shortly after the clip surfaced, Ashley took to her Instagram Stories to explain to her 568k Instagram followers why she got up and left the conversation.

Ashley explains why she walked off the Teen Mom 2 reunion set

“Let me make something extremely clear,” Ashley began her message. “I would never sit in a room and be silent while my friend is being chopped, for that purpose I removed myself.” Ashley was speaking of Kail, who she has become friends with since joining the cast of Teen Mom 2.

Ashley continued, “If it’s not about control, it’s about loyalty. Kail was there via Zoom why wasn’t she present for this segment. It’s messy. Period.”

In a second slide, Ashley included the clip from the reunion and added, “And the next time you ask me why I’m in it or making a comment refer to this video. It’s always 2 against 1, and respectfully Kail got friends too.”

Ashley and Kail have appeared on each others’ podcasts and recently found they share one common denominator: their dislike for Briana DeJesus.

After Briana recently threatened to spit in Kail’s face, Ashley berated Bri and took Kail’s side: “….. this is getting old, and ain’t nobody spitting … that’s nasty,” Ashley said of Briana’s comments before adding, “Should be attempted murder …. Idk what you got …Yes, because spit can transmit disease, plus we are in a pandemic still …”

Be sure to tune in for the Season 11 reunion and find out whether Ashley rejoins the rest of the cast on stage.

The Teen Mom 2 Season 11 reunion airs on Tuesday, May 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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