Ashley Jones defends Teen Mom 2 co-star Kail Lowry after Briana DeJesus threatens to spit on her face

Teen Mom 2 co-stars Ashley Jones, Kail Lowry, and Briana DeJesus
Briana threatened to spit in Kail’s face and Ashley came to Kail’s defense. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones got involved in the feud between her Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus after Briana threatened to “spit on” Kail’s face.

Although their lawsuit is behind them, the feud between Briana and Kail continues to intensify.

Briana isn’t quite done with Kail just yet, despite her defamation lawsuit being dismissed.

Taking to her Instagram Stories recently, Briana shared a stern message for Kail.

Briana DeJesus takes aims at Kail Lowry, threatens to spit on her face

Bri shared a screenshot of a legal document with Kail’s signature on it, which Briana described as a form Kail signed, seemingly stating that she would be responsible for Briana’s legal fees if she lost the case.

The reality TV star added a caption at the top of the pic, aimed at her nemesis: “Don’t u ever in ur life ever think it’s ok to use the court system to bully someone. Your mother should’ve taught u better.”

Briana’s caption continued, “When you signed this agreement to pay my lawyer fees I hope u felt like complete s**t. F**k you and you can suck my d**k. I hope I get to see you so I can spit on ur face.”

Briana and Kail’s Teen Mom 2 co-star, Ashley Jones, caught wind of Briana’s statements and took to social media to fire back at Bri.

Briana’s Teen Mom 2 co-star Ashley Jones slams her, defends Kail

“….. this is getting old, and ain’t nobody spitting … that’s nasty,” read one of Ashley’s comments, as shared by Teen Mom Fanz on Instagram. Ashley continued to defend Kail and deemed Briana’s statements to be a threat on Kail’s life.

“Should be attempted murder …. Idk what you got …” Ashley wrote in response to another comment. Responding to another one of Kail’s supporters, Ashley defended her “attempted murder” statement: “Yes, because spit can transmit disease, plus we are in a pandemic still …”

Ashley and Briana aren’t exactly BFFs – during Season 1 of Teen Mom Family Reunion, Briana started some drama when she called out Ashley for being “fake.” Things took a turn when Briana’s BFF Jade Cline stepped in and made the argument about herself and Ashley.

It seemed as though Ashley, Briana, and Jade made amends during TMFR, but now it looks as though Ashley has found reason enough to consider herself and Briana on bad terms again and seemingly showed whose side she’s on when it comes to Briana and Kail’s longstanding feud.

The Teen Mom 2 Season 11 reunion special airs on Tuesday, May 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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1 year ago

Ashley SIT DOWN!

1 year ago

All of you need to grow up especially Briana don’t you know it’s nasty to spit in a person face didn’t your mon teach you anything about manners n respect especially with that nasty Mouth of yours I wish you would have told me some c**p like tbat cause that would be your last time to use your mouth to do anything with like seriously you act like you don’t know like Ashley said a pandemic is still out there and all these transmissive diseases out here she should sue you again now you talking about bodily fluids who knows what you got while you trying to spit in someone face I wish a B— would thatbwouls be her last time now Spit B—- u bad