Ash Naeck tells 90 Day Fiance fans ‘how to spot toxic relationships’ — Throwing shade at Avery Warner?

Ash Naeck posted to Instagram, telling followers how to spot toxic relationships. Was it a jab at ex-girlfriend, Avery Warner?
Ash Naeck posted to Instagram, telling followers how to spot toxic relationships. Was it a jab at ex-girlfriend, Avery Warner? Pic credit: TLC

Ash Naeck posted a video to Instagram telling his followers how to spot a toxic relationship. And, after the demise of his relationship with Avery Warner, some fans are wondering if this video is his way of throwing shade at his former flame.

Ash says he’s been in a toxic relationship

He begins the video by thanking his followers for tuning in and informing them that the topic will be on toxic relationships.

“We all have been in a toxic relationship. I’ve been in one,” he says.

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He then delves into the traits that toxic people possess.

“Toxic people tend to not change their behavior because they lack and fail to take responsibility,” he says. “They can change that behavior if they take responsibility, but most of the time taking responsibility is not something that toxic people like to do.”

He then says that toxic people like to “cast the blame” onto other people because it’s easier than facing it themselves and that they tend to have a mindset where they like to play the “victim.”

Ash says that humans aren’t perfect but toxic people blame others for their problems

“We are not perfect,” Ash says. “Sometimes we tend to blame people.”

But, he says, people with a growth mindset will quickly realize that the issue is not with the other person, but within themselves.

Ash says that toxic people are comfortable being in the victim mentality.

The passion behind Ash’s words had some fans comparing this to his relationship with Avery Warner.

Fans say they can see the similarities in his failed relationship with Avery Warner

Fans took to the comments with many telling Ash that they had experienced toxic relationships.

“You literally hit it right on the head. Toxic people do not change their behaviour. That’s it in a nutshell,” said one follower.

“Thanks Ash I needed to hear that,” said another.

Other followers expressed that they felt this video perfectly explained how Avery was the toxic partner in their relationship.

“I spotted yours (toxic relationship) with Avery before she even flew to meet you. She was so CRITICAL about everything,” said one comment. “She had such high standards. And not that there’s anything wrong with that, but she expected too much of you.”

Some followers, however, thought that Ash was the toxic one in their relationship.

“You did this exact thing with Avery, you told her the problem was with her instead of admitting it was with you.”

It’s no secret that Ash’s relationship with Avery was a rough one. Ash’s smooth-talking ways often left Avery feeling insecure and though the pair tried to make it work throughout the season, they never seemed to stay on the same page.

After Ash’s disastrous seminar where his sexist views on relationships were discussed, he had a blowout fight with Avery that they didn’t seem to recover from.

Avery finally decided enough was enough and ended their relationship. She’s since moved on, trying to find love online.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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