Avery Warner is looking for love on a dating app after filming 90 Day Fiance and dumping Ash Naeck

90 Day Fiance alum is looking for love on a dating app
Avery Warner is trying to find love on a dating app. Pic credit: TLC

Avery Warner didn’t get her happily ever after on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, but she’s not giving up on finding love.

The mom-of-two revealed during the Tell All that since the season wrapped, she and Ash Naek broke things off.

The two have had a rocky relationship all season, as Avery was constantly having trust issues with her Australian beau.

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When the season ended, things seemed hopeful for the couple, but by the time the Tell All aired they had called it quits for good.

Now it seems that Avery is ready to enter the dating world again, and this time she’s enlisting a dating app for help.

Avery is on the new dating app Picme

The 32-year-old is in a paid partnership with Picme, and she recently shared a sponsored post on Instagram plugging the app.

In the photo, Avery posted her Picme profile along with a lengthy message about her experience with using the app.

She shared, “After Ash and I broke up, reached out and asked me to give them a shot and I have to say I really enjoy using this app. The idea behind it is a dating app with a fun and personal way of interacting with your matches.”

She continued, “Swiping is cool, but how do you know anything about the people you match with? Are they real? What do they do for fun?”

Avery is promoting a new dating app
Pic credit: @averydopecook/Instagram

Avery continued to explain the concept of Picme saying,  “Get a glimpse into their lives and see what they are about with Picme, the dating app that’s like a combination of Tinder and Snapchat.”

The reality TV personality urged her followers to try it for themselves saying, “Instead of the same old boring text messaging, Picme allows you to send tagged picture messages back and forth. Every picture tells a story. Download now and share your story with others.”

What is Picme?

In case this is your first time learning about Picme, we’ll share a little more information.

This dating app has a unique concept that differs somewhat from the popular dating apps.

It does incorporate the same swiping feature, much like Tinder, but with Picme you communicate with your matches using memes.

Picme is being promoted as a less boring way to communicate, so with each message, you take a photo and add text then send it to your match.

The standard version is free to download and use, but the company has a premium option at a cost, which gives you access to features that are not available in the standard version.

The app was released in 2020 and for now, it’s only available on the App Store and is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Do you think Avery Warner will find a love connection on Picme?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is now on hiatus on TLC.

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