Ariel Frenkel gives advice on how to ‘move on’ after The Bachelor elimination

Ariel Frenkel
Ariel Frenkel offers dating advice to her followers. Pic credit: ABC

Ariel Frenkel is moving on, and she’s got a few words of advice for those who are trying to do the same.

The New York City native appeared on the most recent season of The Bachelor, where she was sent home after Zach Shallcross’ memorable Fantasy Suite Week.

Ariel’s confidence and maturity effortlessly translated through viewers’ television screens, so when she recently offered her dating advice to followers, they were quick to inquire.

The 28-year-old set up an Instagram Story Q&A, where she was asked: “how to accept you need to move on.”

“Put less pressure on yourself,” the former contestant started off her response. “Don’t focus on putting a timeline on moving on, focus on finding small ways to motivate yourself and find stability.”

Ariel finished by explaining how an individual will “naturally” move on when their mind is busy focusing on other things.

Ariel Frenkel's Story
Ariel Frenkel offers advice to a fan on Instagram. Pic credit: @afrenkel1/Instagram

Ariel Frenkel offers dating advice after appearing on The Bachelor

Another fan asked Ariel if she had any dating advice specifically for girls who are in their early twenties. Since Ariel is currently 28, she definitely had a few words of wisdom up her sleeve.

“Accept that it is treacherous out here but it’s also fun,” she wrote. “People will disappoint you, you will feel lonely even if you’re not alone, you will want someone who doesn’t want you, you’ll experience miscommunication constantly, you’ll want to give up.”

Ariel then advised her follower to keep putting themselves “out there” and learn from each dating experience.

Ariel's Instagram Story
Ariel offers advice for people in their early twenties. Pic credit: @afrenkel1/Instagram

“Also, bad dates make for good stories,” she joked at the end of her response.

While Ariel has dated in many different capacities, including on national television, her time on The Bachelor didn’t quite end in the happily ever after she may have hoped for.

Ariel Frenkel confronts Zach Shallcross for being blindsided in Thailand

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Ariel took the hot seat at the season’s live finale event to confront Zach about leaving her in the dark about his Fantasy Suite decision.

As Zach and his top three ladies — Ariel, Kaity, and Gabi — headed to Thailand, Ariel’s overnight date was first up. However, the two refrained from intimacy in the Fantasy Suite after Zach informed Ariel that he had made a “no sex vow” for the week.

Zach then proceeded to be intimate with contestant Gabi during their overnight, which he later told only Kaity about — leaving Ariel completely uninformed.

Ariel was sent home that night, where she still was unaware of what had happened. In fact, Ariel didn’t know about the situation until she watched the episode air in real time.

“It was really difficult to see that you weren’t honest with me,” Ariel explained to Zach on ATFR. “And when the parameters of an open relationship change, I should be the first to know. I should have not been left in the dark, standing up there in Thailand at the rose ceremony when you had ample time to tell me about everything before I left.”

She continued to ask, “I just really want to know why the other women were given grace and honesty — and that is something you really pride yourself on — and why I wasn’t given that same respect?”

Zach in turn, said he was regretful about the way he handled the situation and understood that he should’ve informed Ariel in the moment.

“I was going through a lot mentally, and I didn’t know the right way to handle everything,” Zach responded. “You’re right, I should have told you, probably first… There’s no excuse for it.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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