Ariel teases what’s still to come between her and Zach on The Bachelor

Ariel during her date on The Bachelor
Ariel talks about her experience with Zach on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Strap in, Bachelor Nation — there’s still more humor to come from leading contestant Ariel on this season of The Bachelor.

Ariel, the marketing executive from New York City, is seemingly on the road to love with Zach Shallcross after their one-on-one date during Week 6.

Between her witty one-liners and her hilarious reaction to being joined by an older, nude couple on her recent date, the 28-year-old has easily made herself a fan-favorite contestant amongst viewers already.

Ariel recently appeared on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, where she spoke to former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin and teased what’s still to come on Season 27.

Keeping on her authentic track, Ariel immediately revealed that there’s going to be “so much humor” for fans to see ahead.

“There’s going to be so many laughs, there’s going to be so many funny and amazing experiences, and Zach and I just had such a great way of laughing at each other [and] poking fun,” she said.

Ariel said humor was important to build her relationship with Zach on The Bachelor

“It was very important for me to be with someone that just knows how to laugh through life with me,” Ariel continued to say about her relationship with Zach.

Ariel said that her parents created the blueprint for her, showing how important it was to find a partner who she could always have fun with.

She also credited the other women on the season, calling them all “stand-up comics” in their own ways and saying their unique personalities will be shown more as the weeks go by.

While Ariel said that she formed strong friendships with most of Zach’s top women in the house, she remained closest to Kaity, Gabi, Charity, and Jess.

“I got so close to so many women in different ways,” she explained. “I feel like a lot of women stepped in when I was feeling a certain way, like, all the different personality types really helped me get through moments that I couldn’t have gotten through on my own.”

Ariel dishes on the Kat and Charity drama during Week 6

One of the most-talked-about moments during Week 6 happened when contestant Kat stole Zach away before his one-on-one with Charity to steal a kiss prior to his date.

Although Zach had just spent a week alone in quarantine due to his positive COVID-19 test, the other ladies felt Kat’s act was disrespectful toward Charity, especially since it was her moment to see him after her initial date had been set back.

While Brooklyn was the most vocal toward Kat about her “selfish” act, Ariel had a calmer conversation with her about how the kiss put her in a bad position with the other women.

Ariel said that she understood where both women were coming from, however, she felt like the action was not done in a respectful manner.

“If I were in the position of Charity, it would hurt my feelings,” Ariel revealed.

However, Ariel wanted to hear Kat’s side of the story so that she would be able to relate to her. Ariel let her know that although the act may have been inappropriate, she still supported her and didn’t want her to feel attacked.

Ariel ultimately said that the season “was just so respectful and kind,” so understanding where each contestant was coming from was important to her.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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