The Bachelor critics slam Kat for kissing Zach before his date with Charity

Kat on The Bachelor
Some viewers weren’t too happy with Kat pulling Zach for a kiss before his date with Charity. Pic credit: ABC

Did curiosity kill the Kat on Monday night’s new episode of The Bachelor?

Some fans seem to think so.

As the Season 27 cast of The Bachelor headed to Estonia for Week 6, Zach Shallcross’ remaining women were excited to see him after he had been quarantined with COVID-19 in London.

Frontrunner Kat, in particular, was extra eager to snag a few extra minutes with the leading man after only speaking to him virtually as the show hosted its first-ever cocktail party and rose ceremony through video chat.

As Zach showed up to pick up Charity for their one-on-one date, Kat asked him for a quick moment alone to let him know that she missed him and give him a kiss before his date.

When Zach came back to the group, the gloss on his lips was clear evidence of what happened between him and Kat, and the other women were clearly upset that she had stolen Charity’s moment before her date.

However, the other girls weren’t the only ones who were outraged by Kat’s kiss — viewers weren’t too happy about the ordeal, either.

The Bachelor viewers give their opinion on Kat kissing Zach Shallcross

It’s safe to say that critics did not hold back in terms of Kat’s potential future on the show. “I hope Kat’s little kiss absolutely ruins her,” one viewer wrote.

Tweet about Kat kissing Zach on The Bachelor
Pic credit: @TheBachBabes/Twitter

Many viewers felt it was Charity’s time to have her moment with the leading man, and Kat’s move selfishly took away from it.

Another viewer tweeted, “No actually, WHY can’t Charity have HER moment?! It wasn’t yours to have Kat.”

Tweet about Kat kissing Zach
Pic credit: @undercoverbach1/Twitter

Some admitted that while they had been a fan of Kat’s thus far, her stealing Zach before Charity’s date was simply a “yuck move.”

Brooklyn’s outrage toward Kat garners attention on The Bachelor

While all of Zach’s top ladies seemed upset about Kat’s decision to pull Zach before Charity’s one-on-one, Brooklyn was quick to call her out for her actions.

Brooklyn immediately told Kat that the move was “classless” and “selfish,” further explaining that she had actually been holding back the harsh words she truly wanted to say to her fellow frontrunner.

Kat said that Brooklyn hurt her feelings by placing her under attack, asking the question, “Why can’t I have my moment?”

While Brooklyn was undoubtfully the most vocal to Kat about the situation, it was clear that the other ladies felt similarly as well.

Ariel even chimed in to tell Kat that the kiss was disrespectful, adding that it didn’t “make her a bad person” but still “rubbed people the wrong way.”

Although Kat had undoubtfully become the villain during the Week 6 episode, she still received the last rose of the night, solidifying herself as one of Zach’s top contenders of the season.

As for next week, unless Kat and Brooklyn are able to squash their beef or keep their distance, it may have a negative effect on Zach if he finds out about the situation — especially since he has previously sent contestants home for causing unnecessary drama.

Fans will have to wait and see as the cast takes on Budapest next Monday night.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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