The Bachelor has its first-ever virtual rose ceremony — Here’s how it went down

Jesse Palmer and Zach Shallcross
The Bachelor holds its first-ever cocktail party and rose ceremony through video chat. Pic credit: ABC

As promised in last week’s trailer, things turned grey as The Bachelor contestants headed across the pond to continue vying for Zach Shallcross’ heart.

As Zach and his remaining 11 women flew to London for Week 5, everything seemed to be going well during the first half of the episode.

Zach chose 25-year-old Gabi for the first one-on-one date, giving her the true “royal treatment” by way of a luxurious shopping spree, a curated perfume scent, and a private concert by pop/reggae band UB40.

Although jealousy amongst the girls was hard to miss as Gabi returned home with her many shopping bags, they were still excited for their upcoming group date — except Charity, who had scored the next one-on-one.

However, Zach felt sick and wasn’t able to make the group date, so the girls decided to take on London themselves and have a few drinks along the way.

While the contestants were hoping he would be able to attend the night portion of the date, everything was canceled as the news was finally revealed that Zach had gotten COVID-19.

The Bachelor holds its first virtual cocktail party and rose ceremony

Being forced to quarantine in a hotel room, many tears were shed amongst Zach, and his remaining women as the realization of the situation hit.

While Zach referred to the week as being “robbed,” he still found a way to make it work by setting up his own studio to have a virtual cocktail party and rose ceremony with the women.

For the cocktail party, each woman entered a secluded room and was met with Zach’s face on a tablet in front of them. They each had their time to chat, mainly asking Zach how he was feeling and filling him in on their wild day out on the town.

While Zach felt guilty about having to send two women home through a screen, he still chose to continue on with a virtual rose ceremony — suit and all.

After the girls dressed up in typical rose ceremony fashion as well, Zach was then placed on a big screen in front of them that was hung above a tray of roses. He continued to call out each safe contestant, one by one, with the girls each walking up to the roses and picking them up themselves, agreeing to accept.

His last rose went to Greer, who was clearly unsure whether or not she would be receiving one after their awkward cocktail party chat.

Zach virtually said goodbye to Mercedes and Kylee, who were both bummed that they weren’t able to see him in person before leaving.

What’s still to come this season on The Bachelor?

While this week may have had some “never been done before” circumstances under its belt, it seems like Zach will be able to continue on in his quest for love from next week on.

The new season preview confirms that Charity will, in fact, get the one-on-one date that she was not able to have during last night’s airing.

Zach is also seen sharing many sweet moments with his remaining contestants as he spends time in a tropical location and admits that he is falling in love.

“I can confidently say, I know my wife is here, but someone’s gonna get hurt regardless,” Zach says before the trailer takes a dramatic turn.

The rest of the clip shows the girls getting frustrated with one another, Jess getting upset about not having a date, and intentions being questioned as Zach is intimate with one of the women.

However, the end shows Zach in his proposal spot, with one clip of him crying and one of him holding onto an engagement ring.

As of now, it can be inferred that the leading man will most likely have his last breakup during the season finale before proposing to his final girl.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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