What’s still to come this season on The Bachelor?

Charity and Zach from The Bachelor Season 27
There’s still more drama to come on Season 27 of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

With new drama amongst Zach Shallcross and his women unfolding each week, Season 27 of The Bachelor is shaping up to be more than some fans may have originally bargained for.

While some viewers showed concern that Zach would be a “boring Bachelor” prior to the premiere, new trailers for the remainder of the season have shown no shortage of tears as he gets closer to finding his future wife.

And, for those who have been watching since Week 1, it’s been a very teary-eyed season so far.

The most recent episode had the contestants take on Estonia, where Zach attempted to “make up for lost time” after losing a week to his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Week 6 showed Zach sending Jess home (after the phrase “one-on-one” was used one too many times), Charity getting a re-do after her date in London was canceled, Ariel and Zach spending too much time with another naked couple, Brooklyn slamming Kat for kissing Zach at an inappropriate time, and Aly getting sent home during the rose ceremony.

While each week of Season 27 has been more memorable than the last, it seems as if things will only get more intense as Zach’s relationships continue to grow stronger.

So, what can fans expect to see later this season?

Greer Blitzer makes a return after contracting COVID-19

During Week 5, Zach was forced to quarantine after receiving a positive COVID-19 test while the cast was in London.

Although it seemed like the women were in the clear, contestant, Greer Blitzer was absent during Week 6 after it was revealed that she had also tested positive for the virus.

The news came after Greer and Zach’s uncomfortable chat during the show’s first-ever virtual cocktail party, where Zach was offended by Greer’s comparison of having COVID-19 at the end of her sales quarter to him having it while filming The Bachelor.

Since it seemed as if Greer may have been next to be sent home, some believed the show gave her the “Logan exit” — remembering how Logan Palmer quietly left The Bachelorette last year after receiving a positive test result.

However, the newest trailer for next week’s episode shows Greer making a comeback as the cast heads to Budapest.

While Greer is seen telling Zach that she still “sees something” with him, last week’s trailer also showed a clip of Greer crying and walking down a hotel hallway with Zach standing in the door frame behind her — a telltale sign that Greer is most likely sent home by the leading man after their chat.

Zach claims he won’t be intimate during The Bachelor’s fantasy suite week

Now that hometowns and fantasy suites are on the horizon, Zach has shown how serious he is about his remaining women.

Along with Greer, his other remaining contestants are Kat, Kaity, Charity, Brooklyn, Ariel, and Gabi. While it’s still unknown which women he will be taking on the romantic fantasy suite dates, Zach has solidified one rule for the off-camera time — no intimacy.

“This week is viewed as sex week,” Zach says in an upcoming trailer. “As against the grain as it might seem for a fantasy suite or overnight suite, is no sex.”

After host Jesse Palmer tells Zach that he will be tempted during the overnight dates, Zach reiterates that the experience is about love rather than lust.

However, another part of the trailer shows the women crying and embracing in a group hug as Zach says, “I could lose one of the women from this. It was a beautiful moment. Feels robbed.”

Does Zach end up being intimate with one of his leading ladies? Only time will tell.

Does Zach Shallcross get engaged?

While it’s still unclear, based on teasers for the season finale, it seems as if Zach is definitely on his way to a proposal.

“I can confidently say I know my wife is here,” Zach says in one clip, later reiterating that although it’s been a “heartbreaking journey,” he “found his love.”

Zach is also shown standing in his proposal spot, dressed in a blue suit, while holding onto an engagement ring. With one shot of him crying in the same outfit and another of him smiling while looking at the ring, it can be inferred that the leading man sends his runner-up home before getting down on one knee in front of his winner.

After an emotional ending to his time on The Bachelorette last year, it would be quite a different ending for Zach to end his time on the Bachelor as a fiance.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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