Anna Duggar shares adorable photo of Meredith and Maryella, Counting On fans gush over family resemblance

Anna Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Anna Duggar’s little girls look like family members. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar shared an adorable photo of Meredith and Maryella and Counting On fans can’t help but notice the family resemblance.

The former reality star hasn’t been focusing on social media much these days but when she posts photos of her kids, they always get plenty of attention. Anna and Josh have six kids together and each of them shines in their own way.

Who do Maryella and Meredith look like?

In the Duggar family, there are strong resemblances in the family. Anna and Josh Duggar’s kids all look similar to one another, but two of the girls are like clones.

Meredith was born in 2015 and will be celebrating her fifth birthday in just a few months. She looks a lot like her Aunt Jordyn. Now that she is grown up a little, seeing her is like looking back at watching some of the Duggar children grow up on 19 Kids and Counting.

Since shortly after Maryella was born in November, many Counting On fans have commented on how much she looks like her biggest sister. In the most recent photo shared by Anna Duggar, the resemblance between Mackynzie and Maryella is uncanny.

Maryella and Meredith Duggar together.
Meredith and Maryella resemble other Duggar family members. Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

What is happening in Anna Duggar’s life now?

Currently, Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar live on the Duggar property where the big house is located. She did appear on Counting On last season briefly while she and Michelle Duggar were homeschooling the children together. That happens a lot because Anna’s oldest daughter and two of her sisters-in-law are close in age.

Since being taken off 19 Kids and Counting and only appearing a handful of times on Counting On, Anna Duggar has been focusing on her growing family and helping Michelle Duggar around the Duggar compound. There is a close bond between the women now because Josh Duggar’s parents helped Anna after he went to rehab in 2015 for his sex addiction.

It is unlikely that Anna Duggar will ever return to reality television full-time. She is busy raising her six kids. Sharing them on social media is the only way to keep updated on what Anna and Josh Duggar are up to. The three boys and three girls are growing up with the aunts and uncles around. There are also plenty of Duggar cousins to play with as well.

Seeing Anna and Josh Duggar’s kids has been a treat for fans who watched as the couple married and built their lives together on television. For now, seeing them on social media is all they have.

Counting On is currently on hiatus but it is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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Kathryn Dillard
Kathryn Dillard
2 years ago

All the sugar kids married or noth should be on there own and living there life they they want choose mske u hsppt not what make mom dsd hsppy janna get ur own dpace abd live for you
Anna u two get ur own family place u raier ur kids tgey u want