Anna Duggar shares adorable photo of Mackynzie and Josie Duggar twinning

Mackynzie, Josie, and Jordyn Duggar.
Mackynzie Duggar is close to her aunts. Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Anna Duggar just shared the most adorable photo of her oldest daughter Mackynzie and her sister-in-law, Josie Duggar, twinning. The girls were born two months apart, and the niece is older than her aunt.

The girls are incredibly close and have been raised together.

Mackynzie and Josie twinning in their clothing isn’t usual, but when they do, it is adorable to see. Anna Duggar and Michelle Duggar have raised these girls to be more like sisters than aunt and niece.

Mackynzie and Josie’s special relationship

Josie Duggar is the youngest child of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. She was born incredibly early at just 25 weeks gestation. She remained in the NICU for six months before being allowed to go home.

Mackynzie Duggar is the oldest child of Anna and Josh Duggar. She was born in October 2009 and is just two months older than her aunt Josie.

With Anna and Josh Duggar living on the same land as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the two girls have spent a lot of time together and have a close bond.

They are often seen playing together, and Mackynzie hangs out at the Duggar compound quite often.

Both girls and Jordyn Duggar spend a short amount of time at the same age.

When Mackynzie Duggar turns 11 this fall, she will be the same age as her other aunt for around two months. Josie and Jordyn are the same age for eight days every year as well.

Josh Duggar’s scandal helped their bond

Back in 2015, Josh Duggar was revealed to have touched several of his sisters inappropriately. The news published a report that was several years old, and from there, things went downhill.

Just a few months later, it was revealed that Josh was a part of the Ashley Madison website, which promoted extramarital engagements.

Following all of that, Anna Duggar moved in with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar while Josh Duggar attended a faith-based rehab in Rockford, Illinois.

During that time, Mackynzie and Josie Duggar spent a lot of time together. They are the same age and often were required to do the same things.

Now, Mackynzie and Josie Duggar are incredibly close and enjoy spending time together. They can be seen playing games and doing chores together.

Their matching outfits that Anna Duggar shared are just one more moment of their special bond for fans to see.

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