Anna Duggar isn’t here for followers questioning Josh Duggar’s job situation

Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.
Anna Duggar clapped back when asked about how she and Josh Duggar can afford all those kids. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar confirmed their seventh child is on the way.

The couple is expecting another little girl, bringing their total to four girls and three boys in their growing family. While many of the comments on the gender reveal and pregnancy announcement were positive, some followers had questions.

With Josh and Anna no longer filming the reality TV show, their lives are only briefly discussed on camera. Even then, only Anna Duggar and the children are allowed to be filmed.

Josh Duggar was banned from being shown by the network after back-to-back scandals rocked him and the entire family in 2015.

Does Josh Duggar work?

Several followers are under the impression that Josh Duggar isn’t working. He was, at one time, working at the car lot the Duggars owned, but now that it is no longer operational, Counting On viewers have been concerned about how he makes his living.

It’s a widely known fact that Josh and Anna live on the Duggar family property. They are not in the big house like Jana Duggar and the rest of the siblings, though.

Their abode has been referred to as a warehouse by many, though it was not confirmed that it is actually what the building was used for. Photos of their house do not show windows, so many followers believe they live in a building, not an actual home dwelling.

On Anna Duggar’s gender reveal and pregnancy announcement, one follower asked, “How do you afford all those kids? Does Josh even work?”

Of course, Anna couldn’t resist clapping back, saying, “Yes, my husband is a diligent worker and provides well for our family.”

Anna Duggar responds to comment about Josh Duggar.
Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

What do Josh and Anna Duggar do?

Without either of them filming Counting On regularly, some followers are wondering what Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar do to make sure they can afford their large brood.

Long-time fans will know the Duggars as a whole are frugal. They shop at Aldi, buy in bulk, make their own clothes, buy used, and practice many other methods that save money.

But, without income, how can they afford even the basics? Anna didn’t elaborate on what Josh is doing for work, but Jim Bob Duggar likely employs him. After all, he and Michelle Duggar have kept Josh and Anna Duggar close to them, even throughout the molestation and cheating scandals.

It is likely they rely on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to help them. They live on their property, so rent and utilities are likely cheap, if not free.

Whatever the case may be, Anna Duggar isn’t here for followers questioning if Josh Duggar works.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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Elizabeth Poirier
Elizabeth Poirier
3 years ago

Josh has paid for his sins and there is no need to keep bringing it up. Leave it along, dues have been paid and he is on the right track. You people must be bored out of your minds?

3 years ago

Wake up! Child molesters don’t just stop molesting children! With what we were told
about Josh’s rehabilitation there is no way
that you can tell me his children are safe of him!!