Anna Duggar due date: When will Josh Duggar’s wife welcome seventh child?

Anna Duggar on 19KAC.
Anna Duggar is pregnant with her seventh child. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar confirmed she and her husband, Josh Duggar, are expecting their seventh child. 

Currently, they are equally divided between girls and boys. The couple decided to do a gender reveal for their seventh child and share it with their followers. 

It will be another girl for Anna and Josh. The pregnancy isn’t surprising as it was heavily speculated when Jessa Duggar shared footage from a birthday party where Anna appeared to be with child and again when Jana Duggar shared a video from their Vintage Market visit. 

When is Anna Duggar due? 

While she didn’t reveal an exact date, we can deduce a pretty close estimate. 

Typically, gender can be seen around 16 to 20 weeks. Those are when the scans are normally done, and possibly earlier if they go to a place and pay for an early ultrasound. 

Fall is when Anna Duggar said the baby girl would be born in her Instagram announcement. 

With all that considered, September is likely the month the baby girl will be welcomed into the world. Since fall begins on the 20th, assuming that the end of the month is when Anna is due is also pretty safe. 

October is also a possibility, though September is much more likely. 

The signs Anna Duggar was hiding a pregnancy

Aside from the videos where Anna Duggar looked pregnant, there were some other hints that Counting On fans noticed. 

In the photos shared on social media from both recent Duggar weddings, Anna hid behind other people. She was strategic about what she shared, and she no longer was posting heavily on her page. 

There was some outrage about the followers asking whether she was expecting, but not as much as when it happens to one of the Duggar women when they are not expecting. Typically, they speak out and slam people for assuming like Jessa Duggar did when she clapped back last fall

The pregnancy news was right on time as Anna and Josh are averaging a child every two years. Their last little one, Maryella, was part of the 2019 Duggar baby boom. 

Now, Anna will join her sisters-in-law Jessa and Kendra Caldwell this year with another little one. The three of them will have two sets of children who are all around the same age. Kendra welcomed a little girl in February, and Anna revealed she is expecting a baby girl. Jessa knows the gender of her baby but won’t announce the news until birth.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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