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Anna Duggar blasted on social media after source says she believes Josh Duggar is innocent

Anna and Josh Duggar
Fans are outraged Anna Duggar is standing by husband Josh considering the charges against him. Pic credit: @AnnaDuggar/Instagram

Anna Duggar has faced a backlash on social media after a new report claimed she believes Josh Duggar is innocent of the child pornography charges against him.

People magazine quoted an unidentified source who claimed that Anna was continuing to support her husband and that she does not believe he is guilty.

“She’s standing by him. She thinks Josh is innocent,” the insider — who is said to be close to the Duggar family — shared with the weekly magazine.

The source also reported that Josh has been spending time with Anna, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s seventh child, and their kids.

Per his bail agreement, Josh can see his own children as long as Anna is there to supervise the visit.

Anna dragged on Twitter for believing Josh’s innocence

Anna faced some harsh criticism online after it was reported that she is standing by Josh and believes he is innocent.

Some people suggested that child protective services should intervene on behalf of the couple’s kids while Josh is facing charges.

Tweet criticizing Anna Duggar
Pic credit: @anylaurie16/Twitter
Tweet criticizing Anna Duggar
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Tweet criticizing Anna Duggar
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Tweet criticizing Anna Duggar
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Tweet criticizing Anna Duggar
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Not everyone was hating on Anna, however, with some taking a more sympathetic tone.

Tweet about Anna Duggar
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Tweet about Anna Duggar
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Tweet about Anna Duggar
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Josh’s trial will begin in early July. If convicted of the two counts he is facing, he could spend up to 40 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000.

This isn’t the first time Josh has made headlines during his and Anna’s nearly 13-years of marriage. In 2015, news broke that Josh had molested five girls, including his younger sisters Jill and Jessa, when he was 14 years old.

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Three months later, in August 2015, he was involved in a cheating scandal after it was revealed he was a member of the Ashley Madison website.

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  1. The focus should be on the children. They should be safe and guarded against anything harmful. The law needs to step in and make sure they’re not in a position to be harmed, EVER! Anna, the law and her husband seem to all be falling short of that goal. If turning her head regarding the kid’s safety, Anna is as guilty if she does not put them first. She is a co-sex addict and has an obligation to protect them, no matter what she thinks he is or is not guilty

  2. If Anna stays with that serial pedophile, then maybe SHE IS IN ON IT TOO. They both are disgusting and their children and going to grow up all f**ked up!.

  3. Anna has every right to believe in her husband’s innocence and Josh has every right to a fair trial. Internet “conviction” is insane folks. Yeah he did something wrong when he was a 14 year old kid. You have no clue – it could have been somebody else who downloaded stuff on that work computer. I have no clue either. That’s why there is this thing called a trial. Anna thinks he’s innocent. She has that right.


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