Andrea Denver is not really talking to Paige DeSorbo after Summer House, wants to be ‘respectful’

Andrea Denver on WWHL.
Andrea Denver reveals that he’s not talking to Paige DeSorbo “that much” after Summer House. Pic credit: Bravo

Following their love triangle on Season 6 of Summer House, Andrea Denver admitted that he’s no longer speaking to Paige DeSorbo like he used to.

Andrea and Paige had a whirlwind romance while filming Winter House and seemed to pick up where they left off once it was time to head to the Hamptons for the summer.

Things between them seemed as flirtatious as ever, but that all changed once Southern Charm’s Craig Conover came to visit.

Paige had been seeing Craig while simultaneously flirting with Andrea and she wasn’t quite sure which guy she wanted to focus her attention on.

Ultimately, Paige chose Craig as evident by their current exclusive relationship. Now, Andrea is speaking out on what his relationship with Paige is like now.

Andrea Denver says he’s not speaking to Paige DeSorbo much after Summer House love triangle

Andrea recently revealed that he’s not speaking to Paige as much since before she started seriously dating Craig.

He opened up to Page Six and shared, “When there’s a lady involved, I’d rather be respectful, so I don’t talk to Paige that much.”

He continued, “When I saw her a few times [recently], everything’s great. We still, like, joke around and stuff.”

Andrea became good friends with Craig when they filmed Winter House together and despite some awkward moments during their love triangle, they were able to remain friendly.

Andrea said, “I just don’t feel like texting someone that is in a relationship, because I want to be respectful. I have [had] the chance to talk to Craig more and everything is great.”

It seems as though the three of them have continued to be on good terms.

As for Paige and Craig’s relationship, Andrea said, “I’m happy for them. I’m excited for them and I think they’re a good match,”

Summer House’s Andrea Denver reveals he has a new girlfriend

Aside from being happy for Paige and Craig, Andrea admitted that he’s officially off the market himself.

He recently shared that he is in a new relationship and has a girlfriend he is “really happy” with.

Andrea didn’t want to say too much about his new romance as to not “spoil too much” but shared that his summer in the Hamptons had something to do with the new connection.

So far on Season 6 of Summer House, Andrea has only had his heart set on Paige so if he did in fact meet his new lady friend during filming, it’s possible that viewers will have an opportunity to watch their relationship play out as the season continues.

Fans should tune in to new episodes of Summer House to see what happens between Paige and Andrea and who he sets his eyes on next.

Summer House airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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