Amy Duggar King will be ‘extra careful and protect’ Daxton when sharing photos

Amy Duggar King on 19 Kids and Counting.
Amy Duggar King will be more careful about what she posts. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Duggar King has always been freer than her cousins. There were fewer constraints and rules when it came to her life, but recently, her outlook on some things has changed. 

Earlier this week, Amy shared a photo of her son, Daxton. He was a raft in the pool, and it was captioned, “Mom, where did the weekend go??”

While innocent enough, the Duggar cousin got to thinking about everything going on in the world. She chose to edit the photo to keep his bare chest covered. 

What did Amy Duggar King say about editing the photo of Daxton? 

After editing the photo, Amy Duggar King decided to explain herself and possibly throw a little shade in the process. 

She wrote, “I posted the unedited version, and then I thought to myself ‘is that too much skin? He’s just shirtless. ? and then I thought you never know who is seeing this picture and what they are thinking and now I’m going to be extra careful and protect him!”

There has been a lot of talk about protecting children from her and her mom since the news about Josh Duggar’s arrest on child pornography charges back in April. 

The former reality TV star continued, “I encourage all parents to be very careful on what we post from now on. I now have a new set of eyes and I’m more aware of how someone can use anything for evil. It’s the sad truth, but something worth sharing for sure.”

Will there be a tell-all from Cousin Amy? 

Over the last several weeks, Amy Duggar King has been tossing shade around left and right. Following the revelation of what Josh Duggar is being accused of, she has a lot to say. 

When the news broke about Counting On being canceled, Amy was eager to ask about what would happen to the NDAs signed when the show was airing. Will she be free now that there is no longer a show to protect? 

Followers have many questions they want to be answered, especially if the NDAs are thrown out. Of course, there is no telling whether that will happen, especially with news of the cancellation being only two weeks old. 

It appears that Amy Duggar King is more aware of what to post and what not to post where her son is concerned. Things happening in her family have opened her eyes, and now, she is taking steps to protect herself and her little boy, including making sure his photos aren’t too revealing.

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