Duggar burning questions: Here’s what we want to know about the family if the NDAs are voided

Michelle, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar in Counting On confessionals.
Followers want to know the reality behind the Counting On show. Pic credit: TLC

As the news about the cancellation of Counting On spreads, there are more questions about the family coming up.

Critics, fans, and followers all have things they have wondered about since the Duggars debuted over a decade ago. The family appeared strict and wholesome on the outside, but after Josh Duggar’s back-to-back scandals in 2015, the doubts began creeping in.

Amy Duggar King, the niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, confirmed she was placed on an NDA following her departure from being filmed with the family. When she got wind of the cancellation, she took to her Instagram stories and asked whether the NDA would be void if the show was canceled. Amy appears ready to spill the tea, and Duggar followers are ready to hear it.

How long did Jim Bob Duggar know about Josh’s alleged crimes?

This is probably one of the biggest questions Duggar critics, fans, and followers want to know. Josh Duggar was arrested in April 2021 on two charges related to possessing and receiving child pornography.

The investigation dated back to 2019 when the raid happened. Ironically, when it made news, the Duggar family released a statement denying anyone was under investigation. This sent up several red flags when the arrest was made public.

So, how long were things kept under wraps? It was reported that some family found out just before Josh turned himself in, and Jim Bob asked them to keep quiet about the situation.

Does Jim Bob Duggar really control who his daughters marry?

There has long been speculation that Jim Bob Duggar had a hand in picking who would marry his daughters. Jeremy Vuolo talked about the 50-page questionnaire he had to fill out before even talking to Jinger Duggar in the book they released back in May.

With the exception of Jana Duggar, all of the adult Duggar daughters married off quickly. When Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard in 2014, it ignited a chain reaction and there were back-to-back weddings through 2018, when John-David Duggar married Abbie Grace Burnett.

The Duggar men appear to have more leeway with their spouses. Justin Duggar was courting Claire Spivey for months before it was announced. He was under 18 and dating someone. Would that be allowed with a daughter?

Also, Jedidiah Duggar was allowed to keep his relationship private and had the wedding invite not been leaked, he would have married Katelyn Nakatsu without Counting On followers ever even knowing about it.

Why weren’t the Duggar children paid for their work on the shows?

This has been one of the biggest questions since Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard revealed they had to fight for wages she had earned through her time in the reality TV world.

They did a Q&A session on YouTube where they discussed being given what she was owed, and it worked out to a little above minimum wage.

Are the Duggars and their spouses being paid by the network now? Did Jim Bob Duggar divide the money among the siblings?

Did everyone sign NDAs?

Cousin Amy Duggar King did, but did everyone else have one too? It is likely why Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard haven’t been over the top about what they have shared with followers. When they walked away from Counting On, they regained control of their own decisions, but that didn’t necessarily give them the right to speak on all of it.

Will more Duggar family members begin speaking out? Where have Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson disappear to? They stopped posting in November 2020, and since then, it’s been crickets and we’d love to know why.

If they did sign NDAs, when do they expire? How long before Amy can speak out? Because followers know she has a lot to say. She’s been throwing shade with the best of them, so there are high expectations for when she can spill the tea.

It is the end of an era for the Duggars. They survived Josh Duggar’s scandals once, but this time, it was the final nail in the coffin for their reality TV career.

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