Amy Duggar King says, ‘If only closed minds came with closed mouths’ as Laura DeMasie attends Josh’s trial

Amy Duggar King in a confessional.
Amy Duggar King throws more shade. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Duggar King is throwing shade again.

The Duggar cousin has been incredibly vocal as Josh Duggar stands trial on child pornography charges. She has not attended the trial, but it’s clear she has kept up with what was happening in the courtroom.

Each day, it seems Amy has more to say. While she hasn’t been direct about anything she’s said, it was confirmed that she is working on breaking the NDA she signed, allowing her to say more and give in-depth commentary.

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Her latest tweet seemingly shades Laura DeMasie as recently, the two ignited a social media feud.

What happened between Amy Duggar King and Laura DeMasie?

When Amy Duggar King shared an Instagram post, Laura DeMasie commented under a comment that slammed Amy for speaking out about her famous family. Laura simply wrote, “Amen,” which led Amy to respond.

Laura never responded after Amy warned her to be careful who she worked for, and earlier today, Amy seemingly threw more shade at the Duggar friend with her recent tweet.

Amy wrote, “If only closed minds came with closed mouths.”

Amy's recent tweet.
Pic credit: @amyduggar/Twitter

The tweet comes after it was revealed that Laura DeMasie was in court today as Josh Duggar’s trial continued.

Laura DeMasie attends Josh Duggar’s trial

As the fifth day of testimony in Josh Duggar’s trial continued, Laura DeMasie was spotted outside the courthouse with Jana Duggar. The two are best friends and are often spotted together.

The friendship between Laura and Jana has been rumored to be more, though both have denied they are in a relationship. Rumors have circulated for years about them, and with Jana being in her 30s and unmarried, they continue to pop up more frequently.

Over the years, Laura has appeared on Counting On. She has helped Jana throw parties, decorate, and even showed up to support the family when Grandma Mary Duggar passed away unexpectedly in 2019. She is a huge part of the extended Duggar family, so appearing alongside her best friend at Josh’s trial isn’t shocking.

Amy Duggar King revealed she wasn’t attending the trial last month. There was speculation she would attend, but that has not been the case. Instead, she has been following along with the rest of the world as updates are posted and given by those who attended the trial and commenting where she feels necessary.

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