Jana and Laura on Counting On: Best friends pull off amazing wedding decor

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional
Jana and Laura came through for John-David and Abbie. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar and Laura DeMasie really showed off their skills on the season finale of Counting On. From planning the wedding to executing the venue inside the airplane hangar, these two women were running the entire show.

John-David Duggar is Jana’s twin, and because of that, she was determined to make everything special for him. The two are close and love one another very much. It wasn’t hard to see that Jana and Laura put their all into it on Counting On.

Who are Jana and Laura on Counting On?

Jana Duggar is the eldest Duggar daughter and the twin sister of John-David. Laura DeMasie is her best friend and a good friend of the family. Not only has she been in Jana’s life for years, but she has also helped teach the younger Duggar children.

There has been speculation that Jana and Laura were more than friends, especially because Counting On viewers saw them together a lot. While she has never come out and denied being gay, it isn’t likely the two were ever romantically involved. Jana and Laura are just best friends. She is the closest non-sister person to Duggar in the world.

What are Jana and Laura from Counting On doing now?

Since this episode of Counting On was filmed months ago, Jana Duggar is back to doing what she loves. She helps out around the Duggar home and tends to the gardens, cooks, helps her siblings with their children and plans exciting events for the whole family.

Laura DeMasie moved away from Arkansas, so she will likely be around less than before. She has helped Jana with several of the Duggar weddings including those for Jinger and Jessa.

Counting On is expected to return sometime this summer.

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