American Idol’s Tyler Allen talks his experience on the show

Tyler Allen on Ameircan Idol
Tyler Allen on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

When Tyler Allen appeared on American Idol during the auditions, he was someone that looked like he could go a long way.

Tyler was one of the biggest talents in the season premiere this year when he came out and sang I Believe in You and Me.

It was originally a Four Tops song and was a hit for Whitney Houston, but he turned it into something almost spiritual.

Tyler dedicated the song to his nephew Noah Brown, who died when he was only one year old in an auto accident. That is probably why his music was so emotional for him and the judges.

“You sing with purpose,” Luke Bryan said. “You sing to create a moment. That’s another thing that stars do.”

Katy Perry was crying after the audition.

However, by the time Hollywood Week ended and it was time for the Showstoppers, Tyler’s American Idol experience had ended.

Tyler Allen eliminated from American Idol

It has seemed almost normal for some singers to get pushed off the television, and for fans to have no idea what happened to them.

Kevin Gullage was eliminated and fans had no idea what happened to him, some thinking he quit or was disqualified. Instead, Kevin said he was eliminated from the competition and it wasn’t shown on TV.

Normandy was a huge fan favorite from the auditions and she was uninvited to Hollywood Week after getting her golden ticket.

Lady K and football star Dan Marshall both sang a duet together, both made it to the top 24, but their performance wasn’t shown on television either.

As for Tyler Allen, fans learned he didn’t make the top 24 on Monday night when the announcement was made.

“It is what it is, no hard feelings. I am very proud. I’m very happy for those who made it across,” Tyler said. “I made some real close friends up there. I was very happy to see them getting their shine.”

He also doesn’t feel bad about his early exit.

“It wasn’t really a sad time for me because I was like, hey, I looked at it as, if one of them goes, we all go.”

What is next for Tyler Allen after American Idol?

Tyler said that he has already taken on the job of an assistant pastor at a church in Memphis and plans to release an album, which he plans to start working on next week.

He also said he wants to be a support system for his school, the University of Mobile.

“I’m going to try to implement everything on there,” he said. “I’m going to show everyone my different avenues and stretch myself.”

Tyler also said that he had a religious experience in Hollywood with people like Lady K, Dontrell Briggs, Jordan Chase and Kirk Richmond.

He said they “churched L.A. like no other,” singing all the faith-based songs they could for each other.

“It was a fun ride. I enjoyed it. I have no regrets. I laid it all on the stage,” Tyler said. “And just stay tuned. This is not the end. More is coming. I can’t wait to show the world who I am. More of who I am, cause they already know me. More of who Tyler is.”

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights on ABC at 8/7c.

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