American Ido’s Kevin Gullage reveals why he wasn’t on the top 24 episode

Kevin Gullage on American Idol
Kevin Gullage on American Idol. Pic credit: Fox

There have been some puzzling moments this season on American Idol where some of the popular and talented contestants disappeared.

In one case, a contestant said they got their golden ticket, and then American Idol called them and uninvited them to Hollywood Week.

In other cases, there were talented singers who arrived in Hollywood Week, impressed everyone, and then disappeared without a word.

One of these was Kevin Gullage, who was praised every step of the way, but when the Showstoppers Round arrived, he wasn’t featured at all and wasn’t in the top 24 moving on to the next round.

Kevin has spoken up about what happened in his American Idol journey.

Kevin Gullage’s American Idol journey

Kevin Gullage was a strong early contender in the auditions round on American Idol.

He came out and sang a soulful rendition of Otis Redding’s That’s How Strong My Love Is while playing the piano.

Katy Perry gave him a standing ovation, and Lionel Richie said it was incredible. Luke Bryan was also impressed, and they gave him three yes votes, with Lionel saying it was going to be an “exciting adventure.”

The judges even asked him to sing another song because they were so impressed, and he performed Hank Williams’ Jambalaya (On the Bayou) with the judges accompanying him on instruments.

Things looked bright for Kevin.

He went on to Hollywood Week and sang Al Green’s Tired of Being Alone, receiving more praise, and then moved on to Showstoppers Night after singing Anything You Can Do with Yoli Mayor.

Luke Bryan was excited, saying they were going to the top 24.

Kevin was not seen again.

What happened to Kevin Gullage on American Idol?

With his disappearance and not a word about what happened, it seems some fans reached out to see if he quit or was disqualified.

Kevin responded on Instagram.

“So, about what happened… I was not disqualified. I was eliminated. Just like a lot of other contestants,” Kevin admitted. “American Idol is an amazing opportunity for musicians all around. I met so many great performers and singers.”

“Also, I got to share my gift with all of you out there. There was no drama. There was no issue off camera. The issue was what was on camera.”

That brought out a lot of questions, but Kevin was allusive in his explanation.

“I’ve been brought up around amazing entertainers since I was born. The culmination of the lessons and upbringing I’ve lived for 23 years will come out on every stage I walk on to,” Kevin said.

“That’s how I leave it all on the stage. Sometimes that way of being can- how do you say- go beyond what a show like American Idol might need.”

He went on to say that the judges said American Idol wasn’t really the stage meant for him, and he agreed with the sentiment. He also begged people not to stop watching because there are great future musicians who deserve the opportunity.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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