American Idol’s Normandy claims she wasn’t allowed on Hollywood Week

Normandy on American Idol
Normandy on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

American Idol presented the first night of Hollywood Week on Monday night with night two on Sunday featuring the Duets Challenge.

However, while the auditions round showed several people winning golden tickets, and three contestants getting platinum tickets, it seems not everyone made it to Hollywood Week.

There was even a pregnant contestant who showed up in Hollywood Week right before she delivered her baby.

With that said, a singer named Normandy got a golden ticket but wasn’t allowed to come to Hollywood Week after the fact.

American Idol contestant claims she was kicked out of competition

A video showed up on TikTok from Normandy.

She talked about how she auditioned for American Idol during the auditions process last year and the judges gave her a golden ticket.

She then said that, despite getting the golden ticket that guaranteed her a spot in Hollywood Week, she wasn’t invited to compete there with the rest of the contestants.

“Hi everyone, I am the girl from American Idol who had the carrot purse and bunny shoes and I call my fans kitten nuggets,” Normandy began.

“So I keep getting a lot of comments about, ‘Why did you quit American Idol? Why aren’t you on the show? What’s going on?’”

“So I’m going to do a brief answer of that. This isn’t me bashing American Idol or anything like that. I’m just going to educate you guys on how these shows work.”

She reminded fans that the auditions were in October 2021 and Hollywood Week was in December.

“So late November, I got a call from Fremantle, which is the production company, and they told me I would not be going to Hollywood Week.”

“And this is very, very common because they get hundreds of people that they give yesses to and so not everyone can go to Hollywood Week. It’s too many people,” she explained.

She also pointed out that there were people that got farther than her in the competition and their auditions didn’t even air.

Normandy was memorable in her American Idol audition

Normandy was not easy to forget, and she was one of the more memorable contestants who appeared in the auditions on TV.

It seemed strange that she had a big role in the auditions round on TV and then wasn’t invited to Hollywood Week.

She was the girl with the high-pitch voice and the carrot purse who shocked viewers when her singing voice was noticeably different. Katy Perry walked off, thinking she was being trolled, but it was a real audition.

American Idol has not currently commented on Normandy’s claims that she was not invited to move on to Hollywood after successfully auditioning for the show.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights on ABC at 8/7c.

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2 years ago

She wasn’t very good anyway

2 years ago

So their ticket to Hollywood a week is useless? I thought if they got a ticket they would be there.

Lisa kelly
Lisa kelly
2 years ago

Shouldn’t give them golden tickets if not going to Hollywood.