Who is Lady K on American Idol and where can you find her on Instagram?

Lady K singing on American Idol
Lady K singing on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Lady K came to the American Idol auditions and did something very daring. She sang a Katy Perry song in front of the judge.

However, it worked out and Katy was not only impressed at her singing but felt that Lady K made the song her own.

Lady K also came in with a story that touched the judge’s hearts, and as a result, moved on to Hollywood with a golden ticket.

She didn’t rest on her laurels, either, as she has impressed everyone and is now in the top 24.

Who is Lady K on American Idol?

Lady K’s real name is Kezia Istonia and she came from a rough childhood. Her family was poor and did what they could to make it work.

“My mom, myself, and my four brothers and sisters were bound to a dorm and we had to make that work. I’m the oldest so I instantly wanted to step up and help out,” Lady K said in her audition tape.

“My brother Papi was a really tough, cool, laid-back type of person. I knew we all had it hard, but at some point, it was all too much for my brother.”

Her brother took his own life.

“That was one of the hardest things my family ever had to go through. It was hard to decide if paying rent was going to come first because we need somewhere to live or paying for a funeral because we don’t have our brother anymore,” she said.

She said that she didn’t want her brother’s death to be the only thing in her mother’s life that she remembered and set out to achieve her own dreams.

As for singing Katy Perry’s song, Lady K said, “Every song that I’ve ever attached myself to from you has been for the underdogs for people like me to just know that whatever the hell is going on, you can make it through.”

That was only the start for Lady K.

How to follow Lady K on Instagram

American Idol fans can follow Lady K on Instagram at @musicbyladyk. She has only 76 posts, but she has 22,700 followers and updates constantly during her American Idol journey.

In Hollywood Week, she knocked it out of the park in both rounds.

In the Genre Challenge and Duets Challenge, she aced both of the performances, even though neither was shown on television.

It seemed puzzling that someone who was going to the top 24 would not even sing on TV, but that is how it happens with time constraints.

The good news is that Lady K was there keeping her fans updated on Instagram.

“Just bc y’all didn’t see us on @americanidol tonight, please believe @danmarshallofficial and I ACED the duet round!”

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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