Katy Perry praises American Idol contestant for ‘reinventing” her song

Lady K on American Idol
Lady K on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

American Idol has presented fans with a lot of special moments already this season.

Aretha Franklin’s granddaughter showed up in the first week and was sent home in an emotional moment.

A man finished the first week’s episode with a beautiful original song concerning BLM and social justice.

Things picked up in Week 2, with a TikTok star convincing the judges that she was a star in the making.

Plus, an artist named Lady K came into the room and sang one of Katy Perry’s own songs, blowing the judges away.

Lady K shocks Katy Perry with a cover of Wide Awake

Lady K came into the room and explained why she was auditioning for American Idol.

She first looked at Lionel Richie and said she felt a connection to him because of her Tuskegee, Alabama roots.

However, it was Katy Perry she connected with the most.

She said that Katy’s songs gave her strength during difficult times in her life. This led Lady K to explain that she was going to audition with one of Katy’s songs, the 2012 hit single Wide Awake.

While Katy was surprised at first, the rendition blew her away.

“I just wanna say ‘How dare you,’” Katy said. “You sang with such elegance, beauty, grace, and filigree. It’s like you reinvented the song. It’s like your heart is shining through your vocal cords because it just pours out of you.”

Luke Bryan added that “it just flows. It’s tremendous, and it’s so honest. It is just magic,” Luke added.

“You sang into a Katy Perry song and turned it into you,” Lionel said. “And then you had Katy Perry crying. I mean, what are you doing?”

All three American Idol judges said yes and send Lady K through to Hollywood.

Who is Lady K on American Idol?

Lady K lives in Alabama and said that she came onto American Idol to give her family something to be proud of.

She explained things were hard where they lived, and it was too much for her brother, who died by suicide.

Lady K said that she wanted her mother to have something to remember and be proud of, so her brother’s death wasn’t all that she had to think about.

She then dedicated her performance to her brother’s memory.

American Idol fans can follow Lady K on Instagram at @musicbyladyk.

American Idol airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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