Taylor Fagins on American Idol. Who is the social justice singer and where can you find him on Instagram?

Taylor Fagins on American Idol
Taylor Fagins sings on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

The first episode of American Idol Season 20 ended with a powerful performance by an amazing songwriter.

Taylor Fagins showed up for his audition and it seemed like he had just one goal for the night.

He had an original song that he wanted to send out for the world to hear. However, what happened was so much more.

His song was about social justice and the dangers that Black people in America face every day and the performance earned him a Golden Ticket to move on to Hollywood on American Idol.

Who is Taylor Fagins on American Idol?

The last performance during the American Idol premiere saw Taylor Fagins come out and introduce himself to the judges.

He mentioned that he is a songwriter and wanted to perform an original song for them. He then sat at a piano and sang his song, We Need More.

Ryan Seacrest called the song “one of the most powerful moments in Idol history.”

The song was a Black Lives Matter anthem that he said he wrote three days after police murdered George Floyd in 2020.

In the song, he name-dropped Ahmaud Arbery, soulfully singing that “little Black boys don’t run outside or play with water guns at night. They run away from red and white, blue lights.”

He then mentioned Breona Taylor, singing, “I bet your sleep felt so powerful and pure … your peace was ended by police burglars.”

He then made his call for change, singing “we will try to open doors, try to go to stores. We’ll try to find the light we’re living for. We need more.”

Lionel Richie was shook up after the song

When Taylor finished singing, Lionel Richie asked him how he felt.

When Taylor said he was shaking, Lionel said “me too.” He then went on to call the song “very powerful” and “very heavy.”

“I wasn’t birthed into what was happening until the ‘60s, and those songs were there too,” Lionel said. “What I am emotional about is that we need your song in 2022. How disgusting.”

Then, all three judges let Taylor know his journey wasn’t ending there. He received a Golden Ticket and will go to Hollywood.

Where can you follow Taylor Fagins on Instagram?

American Idol fans can find Taylor Fagins on Instagram at @taylorfagins.

Taylor has just over 5,000 followers, but that number should grow after last night’s performance. He has 288 posts at this time and his bio reads that he is “Creating stories for those unseen… Creating music for those unheard… Love is everything.”

Most of the posts on his Instagram are of him singing, so if you want more of Taylor Fagins now, check it out on his IG.

American Idol airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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