Say Her Name: The RHOA cast gets emotional after hearing Breonna Taylor verdict

The RHOA cast watches the Breonna Taylor verdict.
The RHOA cast watches the Breonna Taylor verdict. Pic credit: Bravo

While the Real Housewives of Atlanta girls’ trip to South Carolina was packed with laughter, petty drama, and stripper scandals, the women also witnessed a tough moment in history together.

The cameras rolled while they sat and watched as the cop who killed Breonna Taylor was charged with wanton endangerment.

The women were clearly emotionally impacted by the decision, with all of them wiping tears from their eyes as they commented on the verdict.

“Wanton endangerment is like you were driving while texting and you looked down, low level felony,” Tanya declared.

“You’re like, ‘They’re changing it up. It’s gonna be different,'” Drew said as she shook her head, clearly indicating this was not the case.

Porsha, who has been very involved in protesting in Breonna’s honor, discussed the outrage she felt surrounding the conviction.

“There is no accountability on any level because the charges are not actually even for murdering Breonna,” Porsha said, choked up. “The charges are because the bullet went into another unit. So, they’re not even acknowledging that she was murdered like that…So that’s the part that hurts.”

She tearfully added, “Our human life, just ’cause we’re Black, is just taken, and disregarded and not valued. And these cops’ lives and pensions and families are protected.”

“Listen you don’t have control over this, but you have done your part,” Cynthia said consoling Porsha.

“What’s the next move?” Kandi asked.

“It’s not time to back down. It is time to take it to the next level,” Porsha proclaimed as the women nodded in agreement.

The women get vulnerable behind-the-scenes

During their confessional interviews, the women spoke about the personal impact that Breonna’s verdict had on them.

“Being a product of a great-grandfather who is white who did not acknowledge his own family because they were mixed race,” Kenya prefaced in her confessional interview. “To know how we have been discriminated against, how we have been ignored, and how racism can still be occurring, it just makes you feel like, when is the world going to actually see us?”

Porsha expressed that the verdict made her feel like her life has less value in America.

“I’m discouraged by the legal system in this country. It just doesn’t feel, as a Black woman, like I even belong in America. It just feels like I’m here on borrowed time if something can happen to me and nothing can be done,” Porsha shared.

Cynthia had a revelation that they all need to support each other during these difficult times.

“We’re strong Black women. We all have things going on. But now more than ever, we have to come together and support each other,” Cynthia declared.

Porsha was an active force in the Black Lives Matter movement

Porsha was heavily involved in the protests involving Black Lives Matter and Breonna’s unjust death.

As explained on the show, she was arrested twice during protests for the cause. She explained how her second time in jail was particularly rough.

The majority of the cast expressed their gratitude toward Porsha and all her efforts by throwing her a surprise party to honor the work she has done for their community.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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